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Alien Contact: Man Pilots Federation UFO

Alien Contact: True Experiences of Alien Contact Around the World

Man Pilots Federation UFO

Well, here we go again. The skies are busy once more across the ET Highway. I did have another encounter on January 28th, just a few days ago. As strange as it may sound, I was taken out-of-body onto a ship belonging to the Federation. Without going into the full details of the encounter, the gist of the message I was given by a Federation member is that they are presently becoming involved with helping to free people who live under tyrannically ruled and/or politically oppressed areas around the globe.

One of the ways they will do this, (without too much physical interference on their part) is to bring many thousands of individuals on board craft in the out-of-body state, as they did me, thus communicating with thousands of ordinary people, mainly ones who live in these troubled areas, and plant the seeds of living in peace and freedom in each of these individual's psyche. There will be 10 to 15 large Federation craft involved in this project.


The Contact Has Begun by Phillip H. Krapf

Most of these people will not consciously remember their encounter aboard the craft, but will begin, by these underlying thoughts, to change the tide of oppression in their own countries. Sound fantastic? We shall see. I was asked, as before, to report on what I had seen and the message I was given while aboard their craft. And so I will. And, yes, these particular Federation members were very humanoid, not "Gray." Jan. 28, 1999

For additional information on Aliens from the Federation, see our Book Review: The Contact Has Begun or buy the book from Amazon Books.

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