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Alien Contact: Crop Circles in the Snow

Alien Contact: True Experiences of Alien Contact Around the World

Crop Circles in the Snow

I thought this story was interesting, because of what we call those poltergeist sounds happen in an environment other than our home.

First after our last snow storm, my wife was taking the dog for a walk at my in-laws farm. While strolling along the field of 7 inches of snow, she came across two perfect circles in the snow. They were about 50 yards apart. They each measured 8 feet in diameter. There was a 6 inch wide ring melted to the ground below. It looked like someone had set a hot ring on the field.

Yesterday (2/1/99) in the same field, she was walking the dog again and had the strange feeling of being watched. She heard hissing sounds, but couldn't locate the direction. Next from the woods she heard crashing sounds and sounds of trees falling as well as sounds of ice breaking.


However it didn't have the quality that a sound would have coming from that area. Next in front of her was a large puddle of water and she heard someone walking in the water, but saw no one and the surface of the water remained smoothed. The dog decided she wanted to head back. The dog kept looking back at my wife as if saying hurry up. My wife got the impression that Big Foot was in the woods somewhere. When she looked again, she thought she saw a large biped standing at the woods edge. She couldn't be sure and didn't want to hang around to find out.

Sunday (1/31/99), my oldest daughter was playing in the backyard and kept hearing these popping and cracking sounds. At first she thought someone was shooting off fireworks, but couldn't determine the direction nor did she see anyone. The next morning she woke up at 4:30 AM with a nose bleed. The blood dripping in her throat woke her up. Feb. 2, 1999

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