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Alien Abduction
Experience and Research
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Alien Contact: Lymphodemic Leg Worms and Abduction

Alien Contact: True Experiences of Alien Contact Around the World

Lymphodemic Leg Worms and Abduction

I have had OBE's, Sinus Trouble, Troubling Recurrent Dreams, Sensations of "Presences", "Sleep" Paralysis, "Hallucinations" of Objects and Things (usually Spherical, Ovoid, but several times rectangular, Once Conical) - Substantial or Insubstantial (like Greys of Space, Glows discernible best in dim lighting, all the way up to a Blazing, Flickering, Crackling (capable of causing a glowing disk - brightest in its center - "charge shadow" which moved on my bedspread raising the "shag threads" to vertical orientation as it moved and causing me pain and suffering as it made back and forth passes over my head), to a Brilliant Fire Ball which came from ?where? as the Ceiling/Space "folded open" and I was spoken to in a most unpleasant manner by "the Voice of God" while helplessly immobilized and in fear of my life). 

I have also seen several other things repeatedly which I haven't yet seen described by others

As to Dreams, they consist of being (in the mind of) another person, on a interstellar voyage to Earth, and recognizing the Solar System projected in a circular depression (with a slight fog in it) "We" are standing around and watching into...or of living on a much larger (curvature of horizon, height of clouds) appearing World with a greater wilder ocean with huger waves than Earth, and large fiords, some of which have incurred damage to high bridges, apparently from incredibly large waves which have shoved up them, recurrently visited (people are sometimes fleeing into mountains) being a small animal with its mate or sibling, running along and over roughly horizontal tree roots of a forest, being "called" to a grassy clearing, where a large metallic spheroid hovers close, a bell or going sounds, and I am "taken" being held captive in an underground cage in large fort-like compound ...or visiting a large complex, with many rooms, sometimes nearly in the nude, like waiting, with others, sometimes being inclined or induced to want to have sex with strange women,  who are not always completely 'current, modern' human seeming (in 'real' life, I have only had sex with my wife, with whom I have 3 children), and sometimes seem strangely "blurry" like I am drugged...with many times of dreaming to be in flying craft, sometimes as far from Earth as Jupiter...or waiting dormant on a moonlike planet until awakening AS A MACHINE.

Sudden spells of tiredness have fallen over me...I nap...and awaken to a "huger space" and see something "floating" above near or before me... I'm NOT going to tell you what I saw (several types) in this letter, of what happened to them at "System Cleanup And Retreat Time" but it was WAY UNUSUAL! Etc.


Yes, I have sometimes seen apparent limp "fetuses" in buckets or other partially fluid-filled containers... and been filled with concern and parental loving feelings suddenly welling up in me...and yes I have 'fucked' strange nude smallish women, one after another... one woman, one insertion, one good squirt, like a production line... one after another...and once had a teenage appearing woman and wield some kind of wand which gave me an instant erection so that I could immediately insert in her and was doing it without any consideration of embarrassment or of how incongruous it was, despite other people being nearby (I have never been into 'group sex' in real life - in fact the thought of it to me is laughable, unhygienic, and unhealthy seeming)... In fact, I found all these 'sexual encounters' extremely pleasing, even with 'women' whose breasts or nipples were someone what different than real women's... Or who were so blurry I couldn't see them properly.

I'd guess an orthodox psychiatrist would say I just was dreaming for a more adventuresome sex life... Yet my real wife is a very beautiful Chinese girl seven years my younger. In the top two per cent of her class, I'd say... And none of the dream/vision encounter 'almost human women' have been anywhere near as good looking as she is!

So if I only want "MORE" why didn't I dream only the most unrealistically 'beautifulest'?!

Many of the things happened much more in my youth than now, and some happened to my sister (4 years younger) and some - at least some type of recurring terrifying dream - to my father - and some types of "visions" dreams 'sleep' paralysis 'hallucinations' to my otherwise normally functioning children, reported at sometimes in their youths... My sister and I have experienced encounters with Glows, Coolings of Space, and Cracklings of the House together, in our childhood. 


My daughter Aurora can remember events in her youth where I would say (she says) "They're coming for me..." and I would be laying on the couch in the living room and she would hear creakings of the floor in the bedroom upstairs and sounds of foot falls on the stairs...then a cold feeling that "something was there" and I would be absolutely "frozen motionless" for a few minutes...and then she'd 'feel' the strangeness go away and I would suddenly move... Aurora is going on 26 years old. These events happened when she was say 4 to 7 years old.

I am now going on 53 years old, and have gradually grown grossly over weight, and finally have this elephantiasis affliction, which has restricted my mobility, additionally promoting the weight gain of the fat prone when under active physically, and further yet increasing my weight with grotesque swelling.

I have never been hypnotized nor psychiatrically institutionalized.

A heavy series of some of the most real, physical, and waking experiences, as well as dreams, occurred to me during my first start in graduate school when I had a National Science Foundation Pre-Doctoral Fellowship, and I became fearful, dropping out of a promising early start in a scientific career, later making several attempts to return, like a whipped dog, and finally finished only a Master of Science and four or five additional years of graduate study in several fields.

In my youth I was bright, in 1964 scoring 99%-tile in Math, 99%-tile in Physics, and 98%-tile in Chemistry, on ETS CEEB tests, had advanced standing in University while in high school, did innovative, exciting, and creative home experiments of my own with high temperature plasma jets as a youth, had trivial papers published as an undergraduate, had highest marks in science and math in my graduating (university) class, passed senior division ROTC, and scored a Perfect Score on the ETS GRE "ADVANCED MATHEMATICS" Exam in January 1968. I have had a few creative flashes in life, including a beautiful unpublished and fast computation use of quasigroups for encryption (Yes, I have a paper on Quasigroups), a generalization of a well-known mapping transference method for building Vector Fields to Spec...a few other esoteric items...and am prolific in the "poetry pigsty".

Years earlier I participated as a high school student in NSF/NASA sponsored summer programs for bright science-interested students in two consecutive summers (One at San Jose State in 1962, the next at University of California at Berkeley in 1963), was a finalist in the John and Fannie Hertz Engineering Scholarship in 1964 (part of the process was being interviewed by two people at Lawrence Livermore Lab) when I was to go to UC at Berkeley, but my mother persuaded me to stay at home and go only to Santa Clara University, instead, on a California State Scholarship, and the Hertz thing was being withdrawn...because I wouldn't be needing it.

In addition, I have always been of a high level and intensity of CREATIVITY, in fact being more developed there than in ordinary mundane 'IQ' type intelligence, although I did skip grad 3, and was placed in special classes for the 'Gifted' from grades 4 to 8. However, I did NOT become a successful scientist or academic, partly due to these strange other dimensions of my life, as well as my lower class upbringing, with all its social disadvantages.

I feel, "they" are no longer interested in 'me' now that my health has failed. I sure hate this Swollen Leg thing....And the walnut sized nodules in my left calf...Ouch! WISH I COULD find a Physician interested in something more than his/her financial investments.

Note that although typically young and vigorous seeming, University Students are a group in which various communicable diseases occur, such as Herpes variants Epstein-Barr, Cytomegalo, Coxsackie, Genital Simplex II, VDs, Chlamydia, Social-Worms, etc.

Like young wild animals, College Students LOOK more healthy than they are. Many are infected with dog worms and feline cerebral Toxoplasmoids cysts anyhow... it is the AMERICAN WAY after all, for children to be unhygenically associated with stupid, unclean, animal pets...promoted especially by the likes of Disney.

I am sure OUR CARETAKERS from Beyond are just some Yuppie Brats of The Future, Another Planet, or From Another Dimension, and just as careless and disease-ignorant as our own current reckless human youth.

Gary From Canada

* * *

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