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Alien Abduction
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Alien Contact: Aliens Disguise Themselves as Police

Alien Contact: True Experiences of Alien Contact Around the World

Aliens Disguise Themselves as Police

I've included a sketch of an experience I had in 1996 while living in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The experience is that I became conscious standing in front of this image. At first I thought that I was talking to a police officer. The tall cloaked figure was the cop and the light ball hovering over its shoulder was the flashlight, but rational thought returned to me after a few seconds.

What would a cop be doing in my dark house??? What was going on??? What's this blue light coming in the window??? As soon as I thought those thoughts I saw the large bald head of a gray come rushing at me from near this cloaked figure. It came at me inhumanly fast. As soon as it reached me I became paralyzed and blinded.

The next thing I knew is that I was on my back, still blinded and paralyzed, and rushing through the air at an amazing speed. I don't remember anything consciously after that.

The above account was consciously experienced as it happened and occurred before I contacted MUFON. Within a week of that experience I found myself getting into my car at night, driving out to remote locations around Ann Arbor, and observing UFOs on three different occasions. Once I watched a barbell-shaped craft revolve silently on its axis in the air a few hundred feet above me. The round ends of this craft were internally lit, appearing as diffused white light balls that occasionally dimmed and brightened up again. Another time I was chased by light balls after pursuing a massive UFO that floated overhead.


Aliens Disguise Themselves as Police.  Image  1998 by Jeff Westover

Other strange events occurred around this time. I woke up drenched in a clear odorless liquid from my waist up. I didn't wet the bed and my shorts were dry. I felt very disgusting and immediately washed everything.

Another strange event was my roommates cats waking her up at 5 a.m. She ran into my room saying that there were people in the house running all over the place. An upstairs screen was strangely damaged... The police showed up at the house a few minutes later and we met them downstairs. Suddenly we heard strange footsteps upstairs moving very fast that suddenly stopped. The cops drew their pistols and ran upstairs to find nothing... One of the cops outside of the house thought he saw a light ball streak away from the backyard and into the sky!!! Weird...

Jeff Westover

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