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Alien Abduction
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Alien Contact: Encounter with an Orangish Alien

Alien Contact: True Experiences of Alien Contact Around the World

Encounter with an Orangish Alien

A woman from Dover, England reports this April/May 1996 encounter with orangish aliens: I encountered these orangish beings on one occasion. The picture is when I was on a table in a round metallic room. There were three or four of them. The one I have drawn was at the foot of the table, holding what I knew (somehow) to be a clear glowing container which held an embryo. They implanted me with the embryo. They were similar to the typical Greys except that their eyes were more oval then slanted.

The being in orange could have been about 6 foot though I am not 100% sure as he was in the craft with me and I can only really remember him sitting down and then sort of floating!!! As for being muscular, well yes he looked as though in his youth he had been a fine specimen of a (man??) He was of much stockier build than the greys.


Woman Sees Alien Embryos in Glowing Container

I was struck by how intelligent the alien looked, I named him as an elder even though at the time of the dream I had never encountered the term elder before, it just seemed to fit him. He was what I would call middle aged and I felt safe with him. He took me over an island, from the shape of it I believe it to be Australia, it was after an explosion and everything below us was dead. He told me a lot of things telepathically but I can't as of yet remember them, I feel though that it involved our future on this planet.

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