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Alien Contact: UFO Balls of Light

Alien Contact: True Experiences of Alien Contact Around the World

UFO Balls of Light

This incident that happened 27 years ago, I dedicate to all those hardcore field investigators out there. It shows what can happen when you pound the pavement on an investigation and leave no stone unturned.

I decided to do my investigation over the Memorial Day weekend. Another investigator his brother and I hit the road early Friday morning. We thought this would give us time to visit the Local State Trooper post and see if we could dig up some witnesses in Clare. The State Troopers told us of the incidents that were happening on Herrick road. It involved red lights that ran up and down the county road harassing the local lovers, who on occasion gave chase to these strange lights.

Later that day we visited a family restaurant and found a young lady who had seen the lights herself with her friends. She told a story about how a friend of hers would lay on the hood of his car and one of the lights would hover over him for moments at a time before it took off at a blinding speed down the road. We agreed to meet them on Herrick Road the next evening and they would show us all the spots of activity.

That night we decided we would try and find the spot ourselves to see if we could witness anything and maybe find some more witnesses in the area. We finally arrived at Herrick road before twilight. After sitting there for awhile, we realized that Herrick road was broken up into two parts. We were on the wrong part. We wanted the road off of US 10. We quickly drove there and arrived at dusk. I was hoping that we had gotten there early enough to explore the area in the daylight. Oh well.

We proceeded to drive the off shoots of the main road to get a lay of the land. Herrick road was a county road and ran on for miles without a bend in it. Swamps, woods and fields bordered Herrick road up near US 10. We found a farm or two on the off shoots, but for the most part the place was isolated. A good place for lovers. We also found a run down place owned by a local hermit.

The night moved on into the early morning hours. It was between 1 and 2AM that we first spotted a red light doing a zigzag across the road. We started to drive towards the light. As if the light knew we were coming, it took off down the road away from us following the middle of the road. I gave chase getting up to 70 miles an hour, then the light disappeared. Looking in the rear view mirror I saw the light about 100 yards behind us hovering over the road. We turned the car around and gave chase again, only to lose it once more. This little game went on for about an hour. It was apparent somebody was having some fun.

We finally pulled off to the side of the road hoping the light would approach us, when we heard this strange beeping sound. It sounded almost electronic in nature. I thought that maybe it was some sort of night bird or insect making the sounds. We got out of the car and proceeded down the road about a half-mile. We left the car lights on and took flashlights because it was so dark out there. My friend's brother stayed with the car.

We hadn't seen the light now for about 40 minutes. The beeping sound seemed to be coming from everywhere; we could not pin point it. I finally walked off to the side of the road to listen. It sounded like one of the sources was right in front of us. I said to my fellow investigator I wonder what would happen if I flashed my light toward the sound. I took my flashlight and flashed it once in the direction of the swamp. All went deadly quiet.

Then I heard one beep returned. All the other beeping sounds had stopped except for this area. I repeated it again. Once more it returned my count. Next I tried two flashes as before it beeped twice. Then I tried three times and it played back with three beeps. I said to my friend. I wonder what would happen if I twirled the flashlight while it was on, so I proceeded to do just that.

Boy was I taken by surprise. Instead of getting a beeping sound back, I got a whirling sound. I was stunned. I turned to my friend to comment and found him running as fast as he could back to the car. We decided to vacate the area for the night and returned to the cabin we were staying at.

The next morning we returned to Herrick road so we could explore it in the daylight.

We spent the whole day walking in the woods and swamps trying to find the source of the beeping sound we heard last night. We found nothing. It was getting late, so we decided to return to town and get some supper before coming back out to meet with the girls from town. That night we returned and met withthe two girls we had talked to yesterday. One of them had an old Chevy Impala she called Tony the Tiger. Don't ask me why.


They took us to all the spots where they had their encounters. They pretty much covered all the ground we did the previous night. We decided earlier not to tell them of the lights we had chased.

Once again the beeping sounds started again. The girls told us that this happen quite often, but not everyone was privy to them. A car came down the road and stopped. It was friends of the girls. We tried to bring their attention to the beeping sounds, but the beeps suddenly stopped. They said "what beeping sounds." We talked a while and got more information on the people involved and some good stories. As soon as they drove off the beeping sounds started again. I thought about repeating my experiment with the flashlight, but my friend thought better of it. Soon the girls said their good byes and left for home.

The night continued on; other than the beeping sounds, nothing was happening. We were about to abandon the area when a green light appeared up the road. I saw it in the rear view mirror. It was heading towards us. I thought it was going to hit the car. I thought of making the suggestion to get out of the car, but it was on us in seconds. It passed within a foot of my door and bathed the car with a green light as it passed. Then it made a right angle turn into the swamps.

I got out of the car and ran up to the spot where it shot off the road. I thought everyone had followed me, but I heard yelling coming from behind me. I looked back down the road at the car and saw a small black disk about 5 feet in diameter hovering over the car making a humming sound. My friend and his brother inside the car were frantic. I ran back down the road towards the car. The disk suddenly slipped into the darkness and I lost sight of it. Apparently my companions had enough and wanted to leave. Reluctantly I agreed.

We proceeded slowly homeward bound looking for the balls of light, when I saw a disk in my headlights sitting in the middle of the road blocking our exit. I decided to get out and investigate, but the others pulled me back into the car. I finally convince them that we didn't have any choice, it was blocking our way. I got out of the car and approached the object.

My investigator friend decided to join me while his brother remained in the car. It was the blackest thing I had every seen. The lights seemed to get sucked up into it. I could hear a faint humming sound. I got within two feet of it and attempted to touch it. As I got closer the humming got louder, so I stopped. As I stood up the disk slowly moved off the road into the swamp. I marked the area it left the road and returned to the car. My friends and I returned to the cabin. After arriving, I told them I was going back out there and I did.

I found the area I marked. I took a compass reading and started to navigate the swamp with a flashlight to see what I could find. I went quite a ways but found nothing. Maybe I would have better luck during the daytime. As I turned to leave, I saw a faint green glow deeper in the swamps. I turned my flashlight off and started feeling my way towards the light. There seemed to be some sort of clearing in the middle of the swamp. The green glow was getting brighter as I crept closer to the source.

Then without warning the light went out throwing me in total darkness. I crouched near the ground and quietly listen. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. That's when I heard the humming sound again. Even though it was a moonless night, the Milky Way provided enough ambient light to see the same 5-foot disk hovering 4 feet off the ground and slowly heading right for me. I still had my light off and wondered if it knew I was there. The disk crept slowly forward by inches, humming all the way like a transformer. I buried myself in the swamp floor.

The area I was in was quite dry. As I lay there, I saw the black disk stand out against the starry sky; it was almost over top of me. It soon past by. I started to follow its path through the swamp. I had a hard time following it by its humming sound. All of a sudden, it was like somebody lifted the cone of silence. The humming sound was gone and the swamp seemed to come back to life. As far as I could tell the disk was gone. I turned my flashlight back on and made a sweep of the area. There was nothing to be seen or heard. I made my way back to the road where my car was parked. Actually the disk had almost took me back to my car. I continued to drive the roads to almost dawn, but all was quiet the rest of the night. I returned to the cabin at dawn.

Needless to say it was time for us to return home. We had plenty of material, so we left. For the next three years, I returned there at the end of May. I never heard the beeping sounds or saw the lights again. It appeared that birds or insects did not cause the beeping sounds.

Joseph Stewart

Abduction Researcher

* * *

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