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Alien Contact: Quantum World Possibilities

Alien Contact: True Experiences of Alien Contact Around the World

Quantum World Possibilities

I thought I would blow your mind with this statement.

In the quantum world, all possibilities--even mutually contradictory ones--coexist and have a reality of their own. What does this mean? Well, the watch was on your arm and it wasn't. Since you are stuck in 4th dimensional space (time being the 4th) you couldn't see the duality of the watch. It was either on when you looked or off. Maybe that was the point they were trying to make to you.

An example would be the famous Schrodinger's cat. Here is the story.

Schrodinger's cat lives in an opaque box. The fact that we can't see what he gets up to inside the box is part of the story. Inside with the cat is a fiendish device, triggered by the random decay of a radioactive sample that determines whether he is fed good food or poison. If a decay particle hits one switch on the device, he gets food. If it hits the other, he gets poison.


In the everyday world of common sense and the old physics, one switch or the other would be triggered, and the cat would eat either good food or poison; consequently he would be either alive or dead. But Schrodinger's cat is a quantum cat, so things don't work that way for him. These coexisting quantum possibilities ensure that Schrodinger's cat is fed both food and poison simultaneously. Consequently he is both alive and dead at the same time. Both possible realities coexist.

Of course we never see alive/dead cats and we can never catch Schrodinger's cat in his double act. If we open the box to look at him we will see that he is either alive or dead. But it is our looking that has saved or lost the cat. The observer is part of what he or she observes; observation changes things, and the world of observation is a world of either/or. The quantum world of both/and is always at one tantalizing remove.

Now compare that story to your watch story.

Joseph Stewart

Abduction Researcher

Date: 98-12-01 18:43:27 EST

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