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Alien Contact: Marlette, Michigan UFO Sightings Part 2

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Marlette, Michigan UFO Sightings Part 2

I was watching an odd golden light in the east (not the rising sun :-)) last night June 18, 1998 through binoculars. A strange pair of golden lights that alternately blinked. I believe that this was some type of airplane as I heard a faint sound of jet engines. As I was looking at this thing through the binocs, a lightball shot through my field of vision, zig-zagging and intersecting the path of the plane.

I proceeded to stay out doors for a half hour and saw five more objects, three moving directly to the north in a straight line and two to the south-southeast. I am led to believe that military satellites travel in a polar orbit...this according to Joe Stewart. Each sighting lasted no more than 45 seconds as I followed them with binoculars to the horizon.


At 12:30am I returned outside and saw two more. They both travelled due north. Interestingly, I found out today that a coworker of my Mom's woke up late last night, heard all of the neighborhood dogs howling and heard that all-too-familiar sound of a high-pitched whirring. She became very frightened and refused to look outside for the source of the noise.

I think that the Thumb may be beginning another flap of UFO sightings. I'm glad that I've made my police and press contacts in the area and if anything is reported to them, I'll hear about it...and you'll hear about it too!

I'll be outdoors tonight...unless we get that rain promised by the weatherman.

Jeff Westover

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