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Alien Contact: Marlette, Michigan UFO Sightings Part 3

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Marlette, Michigan UFO Sightings Part 3

I just came back from my nightly 'skywatch'...which consists of driving around the area with binoculars at my side.

23:00 to 23:15 (sighting lasted intermittently for 15 minutes) Southwestern Sanilac County, Michigan (Marlette-Burnside area) Unknown light, with a brilliant reddish-orange light.

UFOs in the Marlette area, over the past few years, have often been reported as orangish or amber lights that often appear singularly or in groups. The color is much like that of amber street lights, with maybe a little more red to them. I personally know of three other people witnessing these strange amber lights.

In 1995 I witnessed a single amber light sitting motionless below a ceiling of thick clouds at dusk just two miles south of Marlette. As I was driving by it, it suddenly shot straight up through the cloud bank, illuminating it as it went.

On a late January 1996 evening..around 11pm EST, a massive display of these lights appeared, hanging motionless in the air, over the M-53/M-90 West intersection (two miles north of Burnside, MI) as witnessed by myself and apparently by the dozen or so drivers of vehicles pulled to the side of the road. For some ridiculous reason, after observing this massive string of huge bright amber lights sitting motionless, I kept on driving!


Marlette, Michigan UFO

Tonight, June 20th, I saw another amber light on the south horizon as I was driving into Marlette from the east. I hurridly made it through town, past the bright street lights and through heavy cruising traffic, and out the south end of town. It was still there, about 20 degrees above the horizon almost directly in front of me and bobbing like a boat on choppy seas. This single light was jumping around slightly. Then it disappeared. Vanished. I pulled off to a side road with a slight hill and parked the car, waiting to see if this light would reappear...binoculars ready.

Sure enough it reappeared within two minutes and was blazing bright, although not putting off any glare or halo. It seemed to be like a ball of fire, concentrated and bright. Through the binoculars it was a bright ball of reddish orange light, brighter than any star in the sky, that seemed to have a bobbing motion to it. And then it simply vanished before my eyes. I lowered the binoculars and scanned the horizon. It reappeared at the same altitude but about 20 degrees to the right where it sat for a moment and suddenly dipped to the ground. I lost sight of it at that point. I continued to drive around for another hour but saw nothing else.

Jeff Westover

June 21, 1998

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