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Alien Contact: Marlette, Michigan UFO Sightings Part 4

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Marlette, Michigan UFO Sightings Part 4

UFO sightings are on the increase in Michigan's 'thumb-area', seemingly centered around Marlette and Brown City. Last night's odd amber lights (common UFOs to this area) made another appearance and on June 17, high altitude, starlike objects zig-zagged across the sky and local residents heard "high pitched whirring" sounds as neighborhood animals became agitated.

These are just the latest events in rural Sanilac, Tuscola, Lapeer, St. Clair and Huron counties (the 'thumb area'). This latest flap seems to have begun in late November, 1997 when a Genesee County Deputy Sheriff drove under an unmoving and massive lit object on US-23 five miles south of Flint. He reported his sighting to Michigan MUFON. A few days later, December 2, 1997, a Marlette man watches a massive lit object hovering motionless above Peck, Michigan in southern Sanilac County. It vanished into thin air when two airplanes approached it (military?)

On December 13, 1997 a southern Sanilac County Police Officer, along with his partner and an entire family, witnessed a UFO hovering over Brown City for upwards of an hour before it drifted off. Official police documents show this event as actually occurring and further show Selfridge Air National Guard in Mount Clemens, Michigan advising the police dispatcher "that it was probably a helicopter that was sighted and there was nothing much that could be done from that end." I've spoken to one of the two police officers and I can tell you that the sound of his voice alone told me that he was witness to something other than a helicopter.


Two nights later, on December 15, 1997, a Marlette, Michigan woman watched a huge silent saucer, with round lights on the bottom of the craft that were each much larger than the full moon, drift slowly above her home.

A flap occurred in this area in 1993 as documented by Michigan MUFON. The Kingston, Caro and Cass City areas had multiple sightings of hovering triangles, one possibly 500 feet wide. Apparently, a past Michigan MUFON State Director had possession of a videotape of one of these objects. Michigan's thumb area has played host to other unusual phenomenon. Crop formations, Bigfoot and mysterious underground explosions.

Dr. W.C. Levengood has studied the October 1995 Bad Axe (Huron County) crop formation and found it to be a legitimate formation, although far from geometrical or circular in design. It contained the earmark molecular changes and high heat application to the vegetation spurred a growth of a black sooty fungus.

In February 1996 several bizarre underground explosions shook Ellington, Michigan (between Cass City and Caro). Michigan State University scientists, in 1997, verified that there were no earthquakes in Michigan since 1994 when one occurred west of Lansing.

If anyone has any information on any of these events or has had any other experiences taking place in Michigan's thumb, please contact me. I'm also looking for people with videocams and other equiptment for skywatching to assist me.

Jeff Westover

June 21, 1998

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