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Alien Contact: Michigan UFO Sightings 1960's

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Michigan UFO Sightings 1960's


Courtesy of the Huron Daily Tribune, Vol 91/#80

April 22, 1966

Several unidentified flying objects were reported by Michigan residents early today and policemen said they observed two of them.

State Police trooper at Sandusky, in Sanilac County, said he watched "a brilliant ball of light" in the pre-dawn sky today for more than an hour.

The Trooper, Alex Fisher, described the object as having a green finger of light pointing towards its top and a red shaft toward the bottom. It hovered "at airplane altitude", he said, and gradually disappeared over Lake Huron to the east.


Coutesy of the Huron Daily Tribune, Vol 92/#63

March 30, 1967

(UPI) At least nine persons, two of them sheriff's deputies, said today that they saw a mysterious "V" shaped object glowing and hovering in the evening sky.


The unidentified flying object was first reported by Midland County Deputies Mark Bush and Robert Stillwagon west of Midland at 8:55pm Wednesday (March 29, 1967). They said it was 75 to 100 feet long, shaped like the letter "V" with a bright white light at its nose and reddish-amber lights along its sides. They said it was 800 feet above M-20 and was soaring noiselessly at 35-40 mph.

A radio dispatcher at the county's sheriff office relayed their report to the tower at Tri City Airport (Freeland, MI). The tower confirmed that they were observing four lights in the sky but could not explain them.

Selfridge AFB said today that its radar showed nothing unusual in the area at that time.

A private pilot, who refused to be unidentified, also called the tower with a similar sighting.

Arthur Williamson and his wife, who live in rural Midland County, told police they also saw a UFO at 9:08 p.m., sliding west-southwest at about 40 mph. They gave the same description as did the two deputies, except that it was silver and had four lights on each side, in addition to the nose light.

Midland City Police said they checked with the Air Force to determine if a high-level refueling operation took place, but received a negative reply.

Jeff Westover

Filed July 4, 1998

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