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Alien Contact: Saucers or Swamp Gas?

Alien Contact: True Experiences of Alien Contact Around the World

Saucers or Swamp Gas?

Here's a tidbit from the Lapeer County Press for your historical Michigan UFO sightings files... From the Lapeer County Press (Lapeer, Michigan); March 31, 1966

You needn't feel left out. Saucers are flying over Lapeer, too. So much so that a local man wants to know if he can get insurance against an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) hitting his car.

The best description of a Lapeer UFO came from Mrs. George Burene of Otter Lake. She saw it through a window of the Lapeer Hospital, where she is a patient.

"I watched something strange in the sky for 45 minutes Saturday night, starting around 11:45. My nurses saw it too," Mrs. Burene said. "It was hovering in the west and finally headed toward Davison. It was red and orange at the front, bright yellow at the center, and bluish green at the end. When it moved, yellow sparks seemed to come out the back."

Clifford Smith was driving on M-24, between Vesely's and Lapeer, at 3:45 Thursday morning when he saw a "bluish white" object in the sky to the north.

"It was odd shaped and twice the size of the sun," he said. Smith lives at ___ Pope St, Lapeer.


Mrs. Rowena Ruggles, ___ N. Monroe, Lapeer said she saw the dancing lights similar to those reported in Dexter- over 80 years ago. "When I was a little girl, my sister, brother and myself saw many of these lights in the lowlands down by the river. It always occurred in the early spring.

We were never afraid but would run down to see them. From our house they looked to be floating but really were not. We found rotted logs and rotted stubs of trees. This decayed substance was a spongy mess, light yellow in color, giving off a whitish yellow light and as the breezes blew it, some lights were a pale blue but never red.

>"We would put some of this glowing mess on our fingers and chase each other. My brother put some on his nose and cheeks, making him look weird.

"This is what all those people are seeing. The reporters and TV men are making a big, silly exaggerated thing of this to get publicity," Mrs. Ruggles said.

This swamp gas theory was also put forth by the Air Force after investigating the Dexter sightings.

But Joseph Morgan, ___ Parkway, Lapeer is far from convinced. He has a classified ad in the paper this week asking if anyone will insure his auto against damage by UFO's.

Jeffrey S. Westover

Filed August 4, 1998

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