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Alien Abduction
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Alien Contact: Contact with Blue Eyed Aliens

Alien Contact: True Experiences of Alien Contact Around the World

Contact with Blue Eyed Aliens

Artist Jeffrey S. Westover likes calling this Blue-eyed alien the 'Sinatra-type' ET (Old Blue Eyes)..."Fly Me To The Moon!".

Here is a report of the Blue Eyed Aliens which correlates with Positive Alien Experience - Abduction by Glowing Blue Aliens.

It is a very thin-bodied Gray-type ET whose skin, according to the witness, looks like "tar-covered rope," i.e. it is very black and thin.

Its eyes are also black and cannot be discerned until it speaks telepathically to the abductee. Then its eyes become a brilliant blue lit from within.

The blue beings seen by a gentleman by the name of Mr. Green struck some familiar chords with me (quotes from Mr. Green are bulleted).

1. The physical appearance of the beings seems similar to mine:

a. A small head with distinctly pointed chin, a bald domed head and a very thin neck. The "Blue Man" also had a barrel shaped body, and very thin flexible arms which it was waving around very slowly in a fashion that reminded you of T'ai Chi movements. These beings eyes sound more human than my familiar away-team beings (although I've seen hybrids) and I wonder if by having a barrel-shaped body, Mr. Green meant the one being was a little obese? If he just meant that its body was cylindrical than there is also a match with my beings (I consider my beings' bodies more like ropes). The Chi movements ring a bell with me, as well.

2. The being is associated with the color blue and has a calming aspect:

a. Its entire body was giving off a soft dull bluish white glow.

b. The Entity was not menacing in any way -- on the contrary it seemed to exude an aura of peace. My beings also use the color blue as a calming element on me (regularly and with powerful effects). With mine, they can generate it somehow from their eyes.

Mr. Green doesn't mention an actual flesh color of the beings, just the aura. My beings are charred gray. I have seen that same color blue as a general hue to my room when they have come for me (as if my room were alit by a frozen flash of lightning).


I have also once seen a UFO that same color (Feb. 1989). It was sphere-like and arched over a friend's car I was in, then changed to other colors. Incredibly, it was being followed by two very large military airplanes (C class).

Not only did my two friends witness it, too, but the very next day, someone I worked with told me he saw the same thing in Detroit. I saw mine in Sterling Heights one half hour before my sighting - that is, he saw a giant blue ball of light zig-zagging through the sky and being followed by a single (in his case) very large military plane! He described his whole episode to me before I told him even one detail of my story (and, no, my friends don't know him).

3. The beings trigger out of body experiences in Mr. Green: I have had many OBE's that I associate with them. The period of highest frequency for me being my late teen years. In one very unusual OBE, I found myself in every room of my house, simultaneously (and with full surround-sight) and the whole house was bathed in the blue light.

4. Mr. Green's time of visitation very closely matches mine. From two separate experiences of Mr. Green's:

a. I woke up suddenly at dawn and immediately felt a distinct presence in the bedroom.

b. Around 5:35 a.m., I heard bird song outside. Tired of clinging to my wife, I turned over and lay on my back, all the while keeping my eyes closed. I could hear the birds outside, their singing felt reassuring, and I felt nothing was going to happen after all. I was wrong. The transition of night into morning is the prime time for them to come to me.

One morning in 1997, I awoke to use the bathroom at 5:30 am and when I came back a brief moment later, it was 6:29 am! There was no mistaking the time on the clocks. Nearly a full hour had disappeared for me. I can't count the number of restless nights I have been soothed by the songs of morning birds. Now, I guess there goes that security blanket.

Jeffrey S. Westover

* * *

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