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Alien Contact: Marlette, Michigan UFO Sightings Part 6

Alien Contact: True Experiences of Alien Contact Around the World

Marlette, Michigan UFO Sightings Part 6

Ever since the dawn of prehistoric man, that thought has both intrigued and terrified mankind. Now, with several new discoveries including the fact that planets exist beyond our own solar system, scientific discussion of extraterrestrial life has moved beyond the question of whether it exists to where and how we should look for it.

Recently, more than 100 researchers gathered at the NASA Ames Research Center in California to develop a five-year plan for exploration and study of life beyond our world.

Yet, if you ask one Marlette man, researchers and scientists wouldn't have to look much further than their own backyard.

"Something unusual is happening. Hundreds of thousands of people have witnessed something that hundreds and thousands of people say doesn't exist," 32-year-old Jeff Westover said.

Westover, who has had many UFO sightings, several of which occurred in the Marlette area as far back as the mid-1970's, is now a UFO Investigator and sketch artist assisting the Michigan Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). In the next two weeks to follow, some of Westover's research will be recounted in the Marlette Leader which includes first hand accounts of both past and recent sightings in and around the Thumb of Michigan.

His purpose is twofold; first to hope to collect additional data from readers willing to talk to him on the subject and secondly to let others know that people who have had sightings of UFO's haven't gone off the deep end.

"I have no answers. I am not trying to peddle a view, I am just collecting data. There is a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding on this bizarre subject.

I am collecting data and trying to put together a UFO data base on the area as very little has been recorded. I am hoping that others would come forth with their sightings and experiences, anonymously or otherwise.

I also want to let people know that they are not crazy. There are a lot of people that see things that they can't comprehend and it scares them. If you can live without seeing one, great. I am not trying to convert people's belief structures" Westover said.

Westover's own personal experiences have ranged from denial as a youngster to a complete knowledge that something does exist. Throughout his experiences, he even underwent a M.M.P.I. test which concluded he tested normal in all areas and was not fantasy prone as some might have suggested. Following more personal sightings recently in the Ann Arbor area, he contacted Michigan MUFON and now investigates others' accounts of encounters with UFO's.

Just this summer, his research has landed him in contact with a woman who videotaped an alleged UFO to initial denials by law enforcement officials to reviewing police reports of Michigan sightings.

Westover's own personal sightings have ranged from the sublime to the bizarre. His first sighting came as a youngster in 1977 or 1978 at the softball field near where he lived.

"I was riding my bicycle at the softball field and suddenly, out from behind the backstop, a lot of light appeared. As a kid, I was not terribly interested in this stuff. My initial way of dealing with this sighting was thinking that it was a big black car that appeared out of nowhere, the only thing was that this car was not on the ground. It was suddenly not more than 20 feet above me. I rode back home as fast as I could and by the time I got back home I was terribly frightened. It was a profoundly confusing experience," Westover said.

He didn't have long to contemplate his experience as his next sighting came less than a year later.

"I was ice skating with a friend on the flooded tennis courts. I caught a bright red flash out of the corner of my eye. Suddenly, there was a saucer-shaped object some 200 feet in the sky just bathing the homes on Chard Street in red light. Suddenly, it zipped to the west side of the sky then back over Chard Street. The fear kicked in and we ran home on our skates," Westover recalled.

"I saw a red light that looked like an antenna light above a house. I stopped the car to look at this odd light and it suddenly shot off at thousands of miles an hour from a dead standstill. It was a pulsating red blot of light that performed an amazing maneuver," Westover said.


Image by Jeffrey S. Westover.></a>

<p>While residing near Ann Arbor, Westover
 had three sightings in a 4-night period in 1996. </p>
 <p>"One was a pulsing red ball of
 light hovering above a highway. The second sighting I saw
 a collection of nine or 10 lights pass overhead in a
 circular pattern. I didn't see a structure and I didn't
 hear it or feel it like you would a jet plane had it been
 that low.</p>
<p>Like an idiot, I started chasing it and caught
 up to it in about five miles. Two red lights were
 hovering above a farmer's field. One turned white and
 pursued me and I got out of there as soon as possible.
 Then it was gone. I went back to the same spot and they
 were both still there. The red light turned white and
 this time pursued me more aggressively. This type of UFO
 sighting, one in which a car is pursued by an unknown
 light or object, is quite common in UFO reports.</p>
<p>The third sighting was of a massive
 white light in the sky by Saline, Michigan. "Having
 not learned my lesson, I chased after it. There were two
 globes of light, internally lit, joined by a bar with
 blinking bluish-white lights on it. It revolved
 counterclockwise in the sky." This type of UFO, the
 barbell-shaped craft, has also been reported in the past.</p>
<p>"I had had enough of UFOs chasing
 me and that is when I called MUFON," Westover said. </p>
 <p>Since his selective openess on the
 subject, he has experienced a complete range of feelings
 from those he comes in contact with. </p>
<p>"I have experienced the whole
 gamut of help from law enforcement and military
 officials. I would say about one-half are very interested
 and that the other are very ambivalent and a few have
 been downright irritated with me and my questions. </p>
<p>"I do not try to bring this
 subject up in conversation. I have enough interests and
 hobbies outside of my UFO investigations. Although this
 might change when this article hits, I generally pick my
 situations carefully when I talk about it," Westover
 said. He added that several newspaper and police
 officials are skeptical, with others have openly embraced
 his investigations. </p>
<p>Himself a believer in God, he notes
 that he doesn't view these sightings as a smack against
 religious values.</p>
<p>"I don't see this as a conflict to
 traditional religious values. There are accounts in the
 Bible and all of the world's religions as well as in all
 of recorded history about sightings of unknown and
 unusual objects in the sky. I don't think that this flies
 in the face of religion, a lot of the people who have had
 sightings are very religious and spiritually active.
 God's Universe is amazingly vast and wonderful and we
 would be quite vain to think that we're alone in it"
 Westover explained. </p>
<p>Westover notes that he readily looks to
 the skies for another encounter, but oftentimes is met
 with stark darkness.</p>
<p>"Since I have seen this stuff as a
 kid, I do look to the skies. I really wish I could see
 another one, I would like to take a photo or videotape
<p>"I recently did a skywatch over
 Marlette with another UFO investigator and we saw an
 intense light appear and quickly disappear above
<p>"Actually, one area where there
 have been a lot of reported sightings is the Sanilac
 Petroglyphs. We have done sky watches all summer up there
 but we haven't seen anything yet", Westover said.</p>
<p>He noted that, while more and more
 people are coming forward with their accounts, he doesn't
 ever envision the day when a common belief in UFO's will
 be generally accepted by the populace. </p>
<p>>"I think it is being more
 generally accepted, in part due to the media exposure,
 but I don't think it will ever be officially acknowledged
 by governmental or religious institutions. It is more of
 a grassroots thing in that mroe and more people are
 having their own sightings and believing in this subject.
 Almost everyone had had or knows someone who has had a
 UFO sighting" Westover said.</p>
<p>Yet NASA astronomer David Morrison
 noted that what is commonly believed today is being
 altered, almost on a daily basis, by future discoveries. </p>
<p>"Some of the things that we will
 be talking about over the next 20 years will sound like
 science fiction to most people."</p>
<p>By John Frazier, Editor</p>
<p>Courtesy of The Marlette (Michigan) Leader
Newspaper, Wednesday, August 12, 1998</p>
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