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Alien Abduction
Experience and Research
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Alien Contact: True Experiences of Alien Contact Around the World

Alien Contact: True Experiences of Alien Contact Around the World

Questions About Abduction by Forked Ball

The submitter a previous alien  encounter answered the following questions about his bizarre encounter with a UFO at  at Alien Contact: Alien Abduction by Forked Ball

It had fork-like appendages on its axis points. Can you describe this point a little more?

>How fork-like were the forks?

Very fork-like.

>How close were they to the axis points?

Right on them from what I could see of it in the near darkness.

> How many tongs did the forks have?

Three each.

> How many forks in-all were there on the sphere?


> Did the forks have a handle? or part of a handle? or just the fork-head?

There were posts (a "handle") in which the tines/prongs came out from.


Abduction with Forked Ball Image   by Jeffrey S. Westover.

> If the forks had a handle or part of a handle; Was it aligned with the axis of the sphere?

Yes...directly on the axis best that I could tell due to the fact that the sphere revolved toward the floor (as a wheel or ball would spin down an incline). One of the 'forks' seemed to spin in the same direction as the sphere but much slower...and then I believe it sped up as the sphere lurched downward. The closer of the two 'forks' stayed completely still relative to me as the sphere and the other fork spun.

> Did the forks' handle (if there was one) point lead back towards the sphere's center?

Yes, to the best of my observation.

> Can you draw a picture of how it looked?

I've attached two JPEG' original sketch and then I reversed it to attempt to approximate what it looked like in the dark bedroom with a small amount of ambient light reflecting off of it.

Jeffrey S. Westover

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