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Alien Abduction
Experience and Research
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Alien Contact: True Experiences of Alien Contact Around the World

Alien Contact: True Experiences of Alien Contact Around the World

Abduction by Tarantula and Silver Ball

A PCE (personal contact experience] from a woman not ready to come out of the 'closet:'

"In l995 I saw a sphere somewhat similar to Alien Abduction by Forked Ball

It had a dark reddish tinge and was about the size of a softball with several "legs" or long wiggly "fork like" appendages coming off the center. For some reason my analytical brain was grasping for clues to what it might be and happened upon a "tarantula" as the best possibility! Of course, this thought scared me even more and made no sense whatsoever.

I awoke as it was hovering over my bed near the ceiling and I immediately felt something was very "wrong." I knew that it (whatever it was) was not supposed to be there. I was on my feet heading for the light switch as "it" simultaneously realized I was awake, and darted behind the ceiling fan. Shaken and upset, I stood looking at the ceiling for several minutes thinking "that was no tarantula!" Whatever it was, I never saw it again.

A few months earlier I had a much different visitation, something wonderful - It was Christmas night 1994 and I'd been asleep for about an hour and a half when I was awakened by a beautiful, silver, scintillating "ball" about the size of a large Christmas ornament.

At first glance, that's exactly what I thought it was! The silver ball hovered over my bed emitting a loving radiance which communicated (telepathically) "you are not alone, you are loved." A moment later it dissolved and I fell immediately back to sleep in a state of bliss.


It wasn't until some time later that I began to link these events, and others with the UFO phenomena. Up until this time I categorized most of the phenomena in my life as "spirit" or "dimensional/elemental" in nature. During this period I also began to dismantle and restructure my belief system, resulting in a complete and total paradigm shift.

You asked if this activity might be poltergeist in nature and I can only say that I don't know enough on the subject to speculate as to whether some of my visitations would be categorized as such. I can say that unusual "phenomena" follows me wherever I go. I can trace this activity back to childhood and would categorize most of it as positive in nature. Rarely do I experience the dark "tarantula like" activity described above, but it does occur from time to time.

As a lucid dreamer and one who has had several obe's throughout life, I believe this ability to traverse dimensions has, on occasion, gained the "interest" of those who reside in these realms. Because I'm extremely intuitive and energy sensitive I seem to easily have waking contact with several forms of consciousness. I tend to live my life by the axiom "energy follows thought" aware that what I release into this stream (of Universal consciousness) I must also take responsibility for.

Even though I find it difficult at times to go through these trials I also feel fortunate to have them. Without these challenges I never would have "pushed the envelope of possibility," which has forced me to face my fears, develop my inner-strength, and cultivate a spiritual sensitivity. These lessons have allowed me access to a much grander perspective than our present day limited "world view" allows.

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Alien Abduction Experience and Research
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