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Alien Contact: True Experiences of Alien Contact Around the World

Alien Contact: True Experiences of Alien Contact Around the World

UFO Hunting in Michigan, July 1998

Ufo Hunting is a very interesting past time. This was my second trip to Michigan looking for Ufo activity. The first trip was very interesting and we did see and film several UFO'S during that trip. This trip was also a great success, I found and filmed Orbs, Rods and a high speed saucer shaped unidentified flying object.

Monday July 13,1998 Sunny and clear, temperature in the low 90s (*f), a slight haze in the sky could be seen in some areas.

We went to Lake Michigan. When we arrived it was a picture perfect scene, a calm lake, blue green in color and a nice sky. I started to look around , a decide to look at the coast line in the distance about a half mile away, right above it, I started to notice flashes from the corner of my eye in a different area, I then moved my field of view to where I thought the flashes came from, I looked around for a few minutes but did not see anything, I then went back to looking at the coast line and I immediately noticed a bright form of light which I immediately knew was an Orb, the color, intensity and or there "look" is very unique and they do not look like anything but themselves.

This was the "Standard White Orb". This Orb was seen darting about in angular turns and instant starting and stopping, it also appeared to just appear and disappear while hovering in position. This orb was viewed for about 2 minutes. While I was looking around I thought I saw a few black streaks flying around every few minutes.

In one of the Orb pictures I was fortunate enough to capture what appears to be a "Rod" traveling across my field of view. The "Rod" appears as the dark streak in the picture. It appears possible this is a very high speed saucer. My experience has taught me that, a Rod and a high speed saucer can both appear the same in a picture, both mainly appear as a blur of darkness with a tapered front and back area.

Tuesday July 14, 1998 Sunny with clear skies, there was some haze on the horizon, the temperature was 90 - 95 *f, dew point 60 - 65%

We went to Traverse City to check out the bays in that area. We went to East Grand Traverse Bay and decided to hang out on the beach for awhile. We took up a position directly in front of the bay waterway, we were looking from the beach directly out into the bay.

There was land on both sides of the beach maybe 1/2 mile or so away from our position in the west and east. After about 30 minutes we started to notice flashes and streaks of white light coming from above the tree line to the west, we took some pictures, as we were taking the pictures we noticed a few small Orbs hovering in the distance so we took a few more pictures, then they just vanished , it was as if they just disappeared.

About 60 minutes later I was real hot so I decided to get off the beach and go sit at one of the picnic tables on a nice shady patch of grass about 20 feet from the beach. I was having a cigarette when I noticed a big amber colored Orb just appear almost directly in the middle of the bay , it was about 1-2 miles away. The Orb was about 4 inches above the water line when viewed at arms length and about 1/4 inch in diameter.

I told my friends that we had visitors and we started to film the Orb in East Grand Traverse Bay. The Orb was amber to yellow orangish in color, there was a time when we noticed the Orbs appearance changed to very bright white, this happened just before it vanished. It was a solid color , it did not flash or pulse it was just bright and retained the same intensity most of the time.

We watched this Orb for 10 minutes or so, in that time it just hovered in position and did not move, it was eerie, it was watching us as we were watching it, that the impression we got. It then started to gain altitude until it was too small to see anymore, it went straight up.

Wednesday, July 15, 1998 was sunny with some cloud cover moving by, temperature 85 - 90 degrees fahrenheit, dew point about 50 - 60%.

We were in the Torch Lake area, as we were driving around I noticed a dark form flying around, I was aware of this form for about 10 minutes, it appeared to be just a streak or blur of darkness passing very quickly in my field of view, I was the only one who noticed this dark object flying around.

Every now and then I though it appeared as if this dark object was hovering in the distance for a second or two. At first I just thought it was nothing but wishful thinking on my part but then we stopped the car on the side of the road and I got out and started to look around the sky. I said there is a super high speed saucer flying around here so we started to look for it in the sky.

After about 5 minutes of looking around we agreed we thought we saw a dark colored saucer flying around. I started to view the sky through the cameras viewfinder and after a few minutes I saw the saucer hovering and I tried to take some pictures. After the first picture the saucer took of and was gone in less then a second. I took pictures all over the sky in an attempt to film it again but it appeared to have left the area.

The enhanced images clearly show an object which is saucer shaped.

Thursday, July 16,1998 was sunny low level cloud formations moving in, slight breeze, temperature 85 - 90 degrees fahrenheit, dew point 50 - 60%. We had no plan for today so we just started driving around. Where we were had cloud cover which prevented us from viewing the sky, all we could see was under the clouds, so we decided to try to find some clear sky.


While we were driving towards the clear sky areas I was looking out the windshield and noticed an Orb just appear directly in front of the car , near the top of the windshield , we then pulled the car over at the next road. There was a road sign nearby so I decided to get the sign and Orb in the picture.

The Orb appeared to be just hovering, it was a "Standard White Orb". Against the sky background it appeared to be much brighter the any thing around, there was a cloud formation heading its way but clear sky after this cloud passed, I took a few pictures of this Orb and the road sign. This Orb was about 1/8 inch in diameter when viewed at arms length, it appeared to have a very slight gleam or reflection around the perimeter.

This picture shows ALEX CAVALLARI pointing to an Orb. I believe this Orb wanted to be filmed and documented, it was viewing us as we were viewing it, that is the impression I received.

We were waiting to see if the Orbs would come back, about 10 minutes passed and the cloud formation was now directly over our area. There were small areas of clear sky mixed in with the clouds. We we getting ready to drive to a better area when I said, OK but I am going to change film and clean the camera first.

I had a few more shots left on the roll so I was looking around for something to film, I looked over towards the power lines that were by the side of the road and noticed a group of Orbs hovering under the cloud formation. These Orbs were also the "Standard White Orb". They appeared to range in size from about 1/16 - 1/8 inch in diameter when viewed at arms length. As the picture details these Orbs were very bright white in color and under the low level cloud formations.

My finger which is pointing at them can give you a good idea of the size of these Orbs.

It appears to me that the Orbs want to be filmed and documented. I do believe there is some form of intelligence which is in control of these Ufos, I believe it is an "Electrical Plasma Lifeform", not an Extraterrestrial Biological Entity. I have found and filmed the "Standard White Orb" just about any where I go ufo hunting. They appear to be "friends", I think about them and to them and sometimes they appear. Is it just mere lunacy or is it CONTACT ?

Friday July 17, 1998 Sunny with low level puffy cloud formations in Detroit, temperature in the mid 70s degree fahrenheit.

I am on my way back home. The computer system at the airport went down right in front of me and since I had an electronic ticket it ended up that I no longer had my assigned window set for the trip home, it was first come first serve and there was a lot of people in font of me on line, at least 30 but, I was able to get a window set for the ride home so I was happy for that.

I always like to look out the window to look for ufos, I have seen but so far never filmed any orbs while flying at a high altitude. We were flying at about 30,000 as I was looking around, I was noticing all the clouds below us and they reminded me of hugh puffy cotton balls floating around, off in the distance were nice colorful layers of the atmosphere on the horizon.

I was taking some pictures of the horizon in an attempt to capture all the layers. I noticed that we were heading for a sunnier area, the horizon was much clearer in the area we were entering, there still was some haze but it was not much. I was looking around and thought I saw some streaks of light near the horizon, directly off the wing tip area, I aimed the camera and saw an big white Orb in the left hand corner, I positioned the orb into the camera field of view and took some pictures.

The Orb was in a directly level, line of sight position to me, it was directly in the center of my field of view and at about the same altitude, 30,000 feet or so. The Orb appeared to be pacing along with us , it was clearly visible and the brightest thing in the sky.

I observed this Orb for about 20 seconds and in that time it moved up down , hovered, did a zigzag flight pattern then made some smooth circular movements at various speed, it appeared to hold it position with respect to my filed of view. The Orb just started to move very fast and disappeared in a blur of white light as it flew away from my view, it vanished after about 2 seconds while it was flying away from my view.

I believe this is the first time in history that ORB's were filmed at 30,000 feet. These pictures are of great importance to any and all Ufo researcher and scientists who wishes to understand these ufos. These pictures show excellent examples of Orbs maneuvering above the high altitude cloud cover directly in line with our commercial aircraft.

The orbs were about 1/8 inch when viewed at arms length. They appeared to be the "Standard White Orb" type of Plasma craft. The one passengers that was sitting next to me also witnessed these orbs , they asked me " what are you taking pictures of, that bright white dot flying around?". Now I have proven that these Orbs fly at this altitude right next to our commercial air traffic . The next issue is do all the airport radar controllers, pilots and crew see them and know of there existence? I say "yes they do" and they also know to keep their mouths shut about such craft.


Alex Cavallari

New York State Director/Investigator, Skywatch International Inc.

Date: Sun, 16 Aug 1998 13:37:41 EDT

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