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Alien Abduction
Experience and Research
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Alien Contact: True Experiences of Alien Contact Around the World

Alien Contact: True Experiences of Alien Contact Around the World

Psychic Attack by Reptilians

I want to say I am not a nut case and all of this really did happen as I tell it. Because of it I have had to undergo two psyche evaluations through the military which were indirectly related to our experiences. It all started summer of 1994 when my wife woke up to find three puncture marks in a triangular pattern on her lower navel.

Prior to this we had no interest in UFOs or aliens and I really didn't care about the subject at the time. But when strangeness comes to you have to sit up and take notice.

Before the marks, she had been waking with bruises and nosebleeds as well. Two weeks later I rushed her to Madigan Army Hospital with pains in her abdomen and the doctor after looking at her asked if she had been pregnant as she showed signs but there was no was missing.

She than began having dreams of being in an alien nursery and remembers sterile walls and like an incubator looking apparatus with strange looking babies in them. She has been taken back a few times since then. I had taken an interest and after watching a talk show with alien abductees describing the same symptoms I ran out and bought Dave Jacob's book, "Secret Life" and read it.

We were going to Germany to be stationed May 1995, and before she left my wife went and visited a witch whom she didn't know. The witch was expecting her which was funny since my wife hadn't called prior to showing up.

The witch told her that I am a Grey nurse and my wife is a subterranean warrior, and that I come from the cow. I was raised on a farm and cows were always my best friends through childhood so my theory is that they were using bovine DNA or enzymes mixed with human and alien to create hybrids which may explain cattle mutilations.

I also have a healing ability with my mind using an energy which comes out my fingertips. I'm still experimenting but can take away headaches and nausea and have done so to my wife and to a friend on-line.

While in Germany, the abductions continued with my wife having a 3-day amnesia episode in which she drew me a picture of our building as seen from above and of an alien she saw. She also pointed to a bright star and said that was where she had gone.

I had 2 UFO sightings while in Germany one was an orange orb big as a basketball at arms length which blinked out like a light after hovering for 10 minutes. The other was a star which responded to a flash of our camera by shooting down at us, hovered and then moved back into position.


We had an entity come into our home via lightning storm. It couldn't be seen, only felt, and it left a metallic taste in your mouth. This was the only species our pet chow responded to by obediently following it around whimpering. He then sat down before it and looked at it.

I was also visited by the subterranean species which used my wife as a conduit for communication. She is a medium and I have had been visited two times by species this is one. The other one on Sept 3 of this year was an unknown species.

The subterranean entity did not tell me anything of significance only that I had been watched over since childhood and then one got angry when I stared into its eyes and it accused me of pulling mindscan on it.

My wife was visited by a Nordic while at a military hospital in CA in 92. He was typically tall, blond hair, blue eyed and told her telepathically that he would be in touch and everything was OK. We were sent to Atlanta, Georgia where we currently are.

In August of 1995, I met a man at a bookstore who knew much about the subterranean species. We got into a discussion about the Greys as well. That night while sitting outside I felt a bad presence in the trees and instantaneously fell ill and sharp pain. I looked over at our door and there were two praying mantis' sitting on our door watching, which is odd as I have never seen one before and have never seen one since.

All at once there was a high-pitched noise which pierced the air and I felt 100% better and the mantis' disappeared. I believe it was a psychic attack by the REPTILIANS on me since I am a Grey and we are enemy species. My species came and took care of the situation as I am in a human shell now. I realize this may sound like science fiction to many but all this really happened and I am basing my theories on these facts.

Our latest encounter as I said was another conversation through my wife of an unknown species which drew me a diagram of its genetic make-up which I will let my uncle look at over the holidays to see if he can make anything out of it as he is a genetic scientist. This being told me there would be an invasion July 26, 2000 where all species would arrive on earth publicly, there would be a blast and earth would be a void. Hopefully this is not true.

I believe my purpose here is too educate and be a benefactor to abductees who have a hard time dealing with what they don't know.

Eric Cooper

Courtesy of CAUS (Citizens Against UFO Secrecy)

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