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Alien Abduction
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Alien Contact: True Experiences of Alien Contact Around the World

Alien Contact: True Experiences of Alien Contact Around the World

UFOs Visit University Astronomy Class

This is the first time I have confided this information to anyone except to a couple of close friends. I was born in October 1931. In May, 1942, we moved from the mountains around Rossville, Georgia to Chickasaw,  Alabama so my daddy could help build Liberty ships for the war effort. I  was eleven years old.

In the fall of 1942 I had a very, very vivid dream in which three UFOs approached over a nearby mountain in Rossville, hovered over me in the  backyard, shot a ray of greenish light down on me and I began to float upward. Then I woke up in a state of shock and fear. In the dream, the very close UFOs left a vivid image in my mind, especially of the underside.

At that time I had never heard of saucers, UFOs, etc. The only space ships I had ever read about was in Buck Rogers and all those drawings were of rocket types. In the spring of 1952, in a university astronomy class at Stetson in DeLand, Florida (I was in charge of the mechanics of the telescope that night) three UFOs hovered about 5 degrees off our zenith. I cut the telescope drive off and manually aimed the telescope at the saucers.

And there they were. Exactly like the ones in my most vivid dream. With the naked eye the UFOs appeared to be small, round, orange objects. Through the 20 power spotter scope they were a gray silver and the skin  seemed to radiate the light.


I could not get one whole UFO in the field of view at the same time. The windows shown with a blue white light from within (like a welders torch but steady and not fluctuating).

As I watched, a head and shoulders walked past two windows and stopped at the window directly facing us and appeared to be looking at us, or in our direction. This UFO was exactly as I remembered from my dream.

As I looked back on my life before my dream, there was a time when I was about 7 or 8 years old when it was noted by me and my parents that I seemed to change my habits and play activity. There is a time in there which is a blank to me.

One spring I found a large bunch of toys thrown away and I was delighted to find these little toys. I took them into the house to show mama. She said, "Why those are your toys. You asked your dad to throw them away for you last fall." I did not remember a single one of those toys and thought mama was not telling me the truth because I never remembered even one of them.

After reading about some of the abduction stories, I think I must have been abducted when I was about 7 or 8 years old. And maybe a time or two since then. I have also noted that several of the known abductees have become Atheists. If this is of any benefit to your readers you are welcome to use it.

Thomas from California

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