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Alien Contact: Security guard Encounters Sphere and Reptoids

Alien Contact: True Experiences of Alien Contact Around the World

Security guard Encounters Sphere and Reptoids

In the Summer of 1979, I was working graveyard security at Eberline Radiation Detection Equipment Company on the south end of the city of Santa Fe, New Mexico. At about 2 A.M., a radiation monitor near the back dock went off. There were tests going on in the building and I started looking for what might be wrong. I couldn't determine anything wrong inside so I went outside to the rear dock area.

Hovering about 50 feet above the rear gate, was a 30 foot diameter sphere. It was mostly glowing white, yet there were what I call a swirling plasma rainbow colors happening also. The sphere rose up about 200 feet and slowly moved to the north towards the downtown plaza area. The object stopped and hovered low across the road from an area I knew to be the location of a large natural deposit of magnetite. The sphere was joined by five other spheres that spaced themselves about 30 feet from each other in the form of a pentagon. Then they moved together without touching to the northwest.

When I got off work at 6 A.M. , I called the Santa Fe Police Department and asked if any one had reported anything unusual in the sky. The woman said, "Yes, this was the third night of sightings.” As we were talking, she said that two officers had just come in and would I like to talk to them? I agreed, and spoke with one of the officers, who said they first spotted the large sphere over the plaza, and, like the two previous nights, followed it north out of town into the National Forest area.

A few nights later at my home in Santa Fe, there was a high frequency sound and a bluish-white light started coming into the living room from outside. Then a seven foot tall reptoid (Reptilian Humanoid) appeared in my home. It checked out my UFO, cavern, abduction, animal mutilation, etc. research map of New Mexico on the wall. There is more to what happened, but, I'll tell you this, they are tracking their crossbreed hybrids, all of which have Rh-negative blood types. They have bred into the human population and the hybrids, which are 5% of the population of the Earth, mostly do not know they are any different than the rest of us.

Yet, many of them have lower blood pressure, lower body temperature, and many are born with tails, that the doctors remove at birth. The government, that you think is keeping secrets, is just hiding that they do not understand what is going on! It will be you, private investigators, who will help other HU-mans to find out that these beings are mostly not from another planet. The secret is that they are from Earth. We have a common ancestor and we all have evolved right here on Earth! It is just that the reptoids and their slaves, the Greys, live in caverns and sub-cities within Terra, third planet from the sun, or earth. They are manipulating us for their own purposes. You must awaken to the truth. Stop looking up! We are in a species war!

Having been within arm length of reptoids, I did get to observe various details. They wore no clothes. But, they did have a utility belt with several unusual things on it. One device had a small orange light on it. When they touched it, they simply disappear. I have quickly moved into the spots where the reptoids were, instantly after they disappeared. There was no temperature anomaly in the zone. I had expected it to be cooler in the area if they were draining energy to manifest, like happens in various kinds of apparitions. They did change density at times. They made heavy footsteps, in the hallway, on the wood floor, and they could walk through the walls.

The reptoids glowed an electrical blue/green color, like some kind of aura. The head is similar to the Reptilian Humanoids on the TV program "Babylon 5." The head was more cone-shaped, like the Yeti, and in fact, the reptoids are built like Big Foot. The one has scales and the other has hair. The eyes are slits and serpent-like, and are very strange, with "flame-like" appearance, with three fingers and an opposing thumb.

The other has claw-like talons on fingers and feet with a small tail. The one with large scales has a "breast plate" on the chest. The scales were smaller where the body is flexible, like around the elbow. The scales were like a snake. I guess that is why some call them the serpent race. The scales were mostly green to very dark green, on each scale, a variation of color.

They are telepathic, with very quick thoughts, have ideas driven by images and geometric impressions. It is not a linear form of communication, like words. It is more of a symbol or image language. They do react to your thoughts. They can overwhelm you with data which seems like thought compression. It can take you a long time to assimilate their transmission and integrate it.

I saw their language as fractal, Mandalic hyper-spheres or thought constructs to pass data. They are data freaks, highly intellectual, but with limited emotional response to hate and fear. You can think or do the unexpected and they freak out.


So, stay calm and centered. They respect that. Then they think you are dangerous. But if you fear them, they will taunt your weakness and will disrespect you. Be careful and don't disrespect them either. They are no better than you.

I glean they want something we have, something in our soul nature. We can shift to theta balance and link to the source. They are too far into analyzing. They are unbalanced, and like drugs like cocaine, opium, magic mushrooms and milking humans for endorphins.

They can't get into your mind without you having the opportunity to get into their reptilian brain, too. They know a lot about the outward form of creation. They know the force, but behind that is the source. They need us, but we don’t need them. They will appear in England to Tibet in August 1999, then will return, 13 years later, in 2012. This is the 20th year since I first saw them in 1979. They are here. I know. I waited ten years before I went public. The Reptoids are okay, but even they fear the returning Draco species, horned and winged. The Draco are more reddish. The Draco prime are white albinos.

For the most part, we are dealing with another species, humanoid in shape but Reptilian in heritage. Their leader-elite are the "Draco." They are cold-blooded and have to balance their surrounding environment to maintain body temperature. They are suited especially for space travel, as they have the ability to hibernate.

The "Reptoids" have scales, which protect them from losing moisture through their skins. They have no sweat glands. The scales are much larger on their backs, making the skin more waterproof. These scales on their face, neck, chest, and hands are smaller and more flexible. They have three fingers, with an opposing thumb. All have large cat-like eyes and twin nose holes at the end of a short, stubby muzzle. They are mostly meat-eaters. Their mouth is more like a slit, but they have teeth differentiated into incisors, canines and molars. They average six to seven feet tall.

These Reptilian beings direct the efforts being called the Greys, EBEs, etc., and form the largest category likely to be encountered by surface humans. They are really an order of "cross-breed" between Homosapien and the Reptilian species. There are several other lines of cross-breeds, which have been bred for various characteristics. Some even appear more or less human.

Some of the reptilians and cross-breeds have sensory pits near the eyes that act as an extra sense and can "see" heat. Some have a pineal eye and are telepathic. These beings can operate effectively in the dark. Their eyes are more sensitive to ultra-violet light. They can control their heartbeat. The Greys have a high metallic content in the skin, as well as unusual cobalt pigmentation. Many have no external sex organs, but some have been bred to have them. Government authorities and agents disguised as civilians and others seek to learn more about these beings.

It should be noted that not all the cross-breeds are hostile. There is an order of small humanoids two to four feet tall that work with the beings that resemble humans, except close examination will reveal unusually shaped ears. The most prevalent of these have blond hair, large foreheads, and a medium dark or light complexion.

The Reptilian cross-breeds are potentially dangerous. One variety working with the Draco has come from a system with a light source that subjected hem to a high level of radiation. It is the minds of these beings that would be considered most strange by terrestrial standards. They are hive-like (robotic) and demented. They are considered detrimental beings (DEROS). These beings do not eat as we know the term. Some use substances that are synthetically produced, mixed with blood from living animals and humans. This is sometimes mixed with hydrogen peroxide, which kills the foreign bacteria in the mixture. They may also be feeding off the life essence of these substances. They also seem to feed off nuclear energy, and have apparently manipulated humans into developing sources of radioactive power. It appears that there are several groups of interlopers active on this planet.

I want to focus on the "Men in Black." These elusive figures are a distinct part of the UFO scene. They are based deep underground. They seem to use extra-sensory or technical means to locate and check up on humans to have spotted their flying craft or know too much about their activities. They seem to be kind of a security force. The pallor of their skin and their sensitivity to light suggest that they come from an environment with subdued light. Their movements and apparent pain while on the Earth's surface suggest that they live in an area with less gravity field density. Apparently, they are assigned to cover up the activities and secret operations of their civilization.

Chupacabras are Draco pets, like dogs are to certain humans. I remember a report of the Draco being seen coming down the ramp of a landed Disc, with a Chupacabra. It ran all over like a penned up dog that needed to piss. Chupacabras are definitely a "Reptilian" related life form. Welcome to my world.

Jason, June 1999

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