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Alien Contact: Army Veteran is Tortured for Reporting Alien Contact

Alien Contact: True Experiences of Alien Contact Around the World

Army Veteran is Tortured for Reporting Alien Contact

I reported an incident of close contact with UFO's and the alien occupants in October 1972 to the University of Nebraska Hospital. I was interviewed several times and given injections "to relax me" and taped on video twice while the doctor asked a series of questions regarding the appearance of the extraterrestrials [aliens, ET's, EBE's] and my interactions with the aliens while on board the craft. The rest of my story involves military cover-ups and government conspiracy. Here is how it all began.

The year was 1972. I was a young single man in Florida who was camping out at Dana Beach with friends. I decided to go for a night walk by myself. As I walked along the beach with the solitude of the damp wind and misty fog, I wondered about the world and my place in it. Suddenly, I was startled to feel a hand that was placed upon my shoulder. But it was not a person's hand. It was an alien's hand that mentally communicated a feeling of calming which flooded me.

I realized this tall alien person was touching my shoulder and pointing for me to look up over my head, at a lit up window in a UFO. I saw a few aliens that, at first glance, looked like busy men in uniform. They were standing at an angle and some of them looked down right at me.

The alien hand touching me seemed to resist my effort to take a closer look. Then I realized that a fairly large UFO was hovering silently above me. How long had it been hovering without my awareness? How long had it been a part of my life? Had it followed me since childhood? My mind was filled with questions as the alien’s touch communicated to me the strong visual image that I was not alone and that my insignificant life on the planet, my human life, actually mattered. Everything went blank after that.

My next memory was when I next saw daylight and found myself alone on the beach again. The UFO and the windows were gone, and so were the alien companions. I walked back to the campsite rather in awe, determined to admit only to having seen a Goodyear blimp, rather than a UFO. When I walked back into camp, my friends stared at me like they were seeing a ghost. I didn’t understand why they were staring at me so strangely. I said I had just taken a long walk and returned. They stared at me incredulously and told me I had left three days ago for that long walk!

I started to tell them about seeing the Goodyear blimp last night, but they interrupted by talking about the strange UFO lights everyone had seen in the sky three nights ago, shortly after I had left the campsite. One fellow questioned my Goodyear blimp explanation, and pointed out that a blimp with propellers would make noise. Besides, the weather had been windy and foggy, so how could a blimp fly over my head, much less at all. The object they saw just hung suspended in the sky. It made no noise or motion, remaining steady for some time.

For the next several months I avoided thinking about the UFO and the windows, although my girlfriend and I repeatedly saw a small large headed man about 4 1/2 feet tall who seemed to haunt us. Finally one day out of curiosity, I crossed the street and asked him what he wanted. He said in a weird, non-human voice, "You will find out."

Then I asked him if he was with the UFO I saw and he answered, "Yes, we are."

I begged him to please leave me alone but he said, "That would be impossible." The little guy's comments puzzled me, because I never saw any short aliens at Dana Beach that night. So, I was curious how he knew who I was, but I could not explain it to myself.

Some time later, I moved on to Atlanta, Georgia. I was approached by a man who said he was from Ft. Benning in Georgia and conducting an experiment in ESP. That experiment intrigued me as I had been living the lifestyle of a hippie and the idea of a getting a place to stay and eat for free just to participate in an experiment sounded easy enough. Although I had worked some odd jobs and saved up a bit of cash, I decided to stay in Atlanta to learn more about this experiment before heading back home to Nebraska. After several weeks at the "safe house" in Atlanta and some ESP testing, I sufficiently demonstrated my remote viewing talent and left for Nebraska.

Eventually, I reported the entire story to the University Hospital in October of 1972. After reporting alien contact, I was taken to CDEC, Combat Development Experimentation Command Task Force Support Battalion, Combat Engineers, U.S. Army in 1972-1973, at Hunter-Liggett Military Reservation (Army). I participated in several tests of various chemical agents, and EMP weaponry as well as behavior modification experiments. I was part of the Special Leadership Preparation Project.

I have been interviewed several times since 1980 by The Emerald (University of Oregon), The Portland Oregonian, Jeff Barnard (Associated Press), Rolla Crick, Portland, Oregonian TV, Channel 3, and Mike Frasier of Omaha Nebraska, being the most recent. I also was interviewed by attorneys and writers in Portland, Oregon with the American Citizens for Honesty in Government, which I later learned was a Scientology group.

I was called by the Federal Grand Jury in Omaha, Nebraska in 1975 and warned by Federal agents not to discuss the relevant issues. They threatened me with death if I cooperated with the MK Ultra Senate Investigation Committee headed by Senator Frank Church-D and Edward Kennedy-D.

Over the years I have been a patient in Omaha and was treated by Dr. Beverly Meade, a researcher with the University of Nebraska Medical Center for severe symptoms, and was also a cancer patient there for a very rare type of cancer. I also consulted a known CIA associated hypnotherapist, Dr. John Kirkland of Shur Incorporated of Omaha, Nebraska; Dr. Irwin Noparstak, former U.S. Army psychiatrist; various other doctors including Dr. Max Jardon, U.S. Air Force Reserve flight surgeon; and Dr. John Conroy of Great Plains Internal-Bellevue, Nebraska.

I was diagnosed as having a severe liver problem by Dr. Woodbury in Omaha, Nebraska and subsequently told by a second opinion that my symptoms were mostly psychological. I was seen by psychiatrists at Nebraska Medical Center in the 1970's and was informed I was never a veteran. Allegedly, I was sent to the experimental unit for a "field investigation" and accused of "misdirecting" a metric ton and a half of chemical nerve agent by the military.

My life has been threatened by more people than I can believe.

My daughter almost died as simultaneous death threats came my way.

My ex-wife's cousins were killed one after the other and the Edmond Oklahoma Police Department suspected foul play. Again, this was after several threats were received by my family, but nothing could be proved.

These people involved with my case met the following fates:

1. Senator Frank Church developed a fatal cancer and died.

2. Mr. Crick developed sudden problems and retired early after several interviews. Before he quit, he started signing the stories as "compiled by staff" in order to distance himself from me. He told me he was very concerned for everyone's safety who was involved with me.

3. Mike Frasier had worked for days on a Gulf War Syndrome story with a background on chemical tests, then suddenly was pulled of the story and given an assignment doing sports coverage, or something similar.

4. John Kirkland suffered several coronaries and subsequently died.


5. Dr. John Conroy never showed up for the follow up appointments with me. For the next year, his office denied he ever worked there, and could not, or would not, locate my files. His whereabouts are still unknown.

6. My military records are apparently not where they should be, and just for the record, I have tried to get the most important documents since 1980. I first went to Congressman Weaver in Oregon in 1980, then all the following congressmen there. The American Red Cross misplaced my files that director Linda Westfall had obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. She was suddenly transferred to Washington, D.C. and was unable to represent my case at the Federal Building in Seattle, Washington.

When the hearing was over, my newly appointed representative had about 3 papers with my name on it, the main file, which was about 2 inches thick, never showed up. The U.S. Army spokesman declared that DOW Chemical Corporation was responsible, and that this issue was a CIA matter. I returned to Eugene. Oregon and was told by my apparently worthless private attorney, William Kent, who claimed his father was a joint chief of staff, that the federal government had taken my files on record in his office.

I went to the Oregon congressman in Eugene and was informed the Federal Judge had sealed my records in the interest of National Security. When I tried to talk to Dr. Meade, a researcher/trainer in at the University of Nebraska Bio-Medical Center in 1976, he said my experience in Hunter-Liggett involved certain chemical changes. He actually had a box of medications with U.S. Army Lab 449 printed on the case, and on each of the 25 bottles.

Dr. Meade described the changes done on me in 1972-1973 as "running a 12 volt charge through a 6 volt system." He then referred me to Dr. John Kirkland, a therapist-counselor with a place called SHUR Incorporated located in a large bank building in Omaha, Nebraska.

Incidentally, I first was diagnosed as having a severe possible hepatitis infection by Dr. John Woodbury, who wanted to do a liver biopsy which I refused in 1976. I went to a hematologist who advised me nothing was showing up in the tests, and sent me to Dr. James Severa, a psychologist who treated me for anxiety. Coincidentally, it turned out Dr. Severa was my previous landlord for a year and I instantly recognized him. Dr. Severa introduced me to Dr. Meade at his office which had affiliations with the University hospital, which was the place I first reported UFO contacts to in October 1972. That was about two to seven days before my initial training.

Mr. Quay Finch, now deceased, had introduced me to the MUFON director in Nebraska in 1997 named Dr. Jack Kasher. Dr. Kasher was a former NASA consultant/analyst for the STS 48 video who had attended the same University as Dr. Kirkland and who was also a former NASA researcher. Dr. Kasher advised being very discrete.

Mr. Quay was impressed with my papers and insisted I watch a video about a place called "Montauk" as well as meet his friend who wrote a book on it. I flatly refused and still find it difficult to discuss much at length. The perspective required to do so is very hard to deal with. I left Mr. Quay's office after he gave me a lawyer's phone number in Lincoln, Nebraska, former legislator John DeCamp, who was working on the "Franklin" case.

Mr. Quay had said not to trust Dr. Kirkland as he was a "dupe" and for me to take my claim against the DoD project, Department of Defense, to Mr. DeCamp, who knew Mr. Quay personally and was a close friend to former CIA Director Bill Colby. I knew Colby from Hunter-Liggett and trusted his apparent decision to come clean with the UFO / Alien projects.

That weekend, Mr. Colby disappeared on a fishing trip, and DeCamp's assistant told me via telephone to wait until the Franklin case was finished. If you guessed the possible connection between "missing children, abuse, abductions and the alleged involvement of former CDEC," Hunter-Liggett Lt. Col. Michael Aquino (Church of Set) in the Franklin case, Michael Aquino and his bunch were all over Hunter-Liggett.

Mr. Aquino is a dedicated follower of "SET" an ancient entity which Mr. Aquino serves as the founder and leader of "The Temple of SET." He was part of Anton Levey's "Church of Satan" until he decided to leave. Mr. Aquino has had several "brushes with the conspiracy" and is possibly a key figure in secret research at CDEC. He was stationed at CDEC headquartered at the Presideo of Monterrey and has written several expert "War College" assessments on "Non-lethal" weaponry."

In a recorded U.S. Army hearing, the OIC (Officer in Charge) of the hearing stated flatly the entire incident at Hunter-Liggett was "a matter of the CIA, and person or persons unknown, and financial liability was with DOW Chemical." Mr. Franklin was found guilty of "mind control" with his primary victim being an Air Force Sergeant, and Lt. Col. Aquino again evaded responsibility. He is only a small part of the MILAB / Alien connection there and elsewhere.

I have a lot of other material, some undocumented, some extremely circumstantial and a burning desire to expose the connection behind wholesale experiments conducted quietly and insidiously behind the facade of Military Intelligence and covert operations, some which are conducted against children, civilians, etc. with the assistance of a renegade group of E.T.'s / EBEs

Over the years, people have asked why did I go to the clinic in the first place? Wasn't this where the trouble began? The reasons I went to the clinic were complex. They are as follows:

1. I felt that the Aliens wanted me to tell what happened. They mentioned the military as having observed the contact and as having been informed prior to the actual experience. They were waiting for my return. The Aliens told me that they had notified the military prior to the experience and were aware the U.S. Military was interested in checking out anyone willing to be examined by the Aliens.

2. A covert unit that studied ESP and chemical influences got to me before I could get to Omaha. One of the people that lead me to them was a former government infiltrator posing as a member of the Manson Family, or so I was told. I believe they did not want any publicity about what they had done by way of attempted mind control etc. (there is a logical progression from mind-control, occult, political manipulation and Manson to Aquino and the ESP studies at SRI and Hunter Liggett)

3. I was asked by the DoD to enlist for CDEC. They felt it was better to complete the studies started at Atlanta Georgia supervised by the soldier from Ft. Benning who was in 'charge' of the testing.

4. I felt that a substantial amount of risks were involved and that their ethics were distorted. If I could get independent verification of complaining of the testing done at Atlanta shortly after the UFO experience I felt that the story might survive even if I did not.

I was an enlistee for CDEC and went to the Army directly after the brief period of 'treatment' by the Medical "drug study unit" in Omaha in October 1972.

I do not totally blame Aquino although he had a lot to do with what we did at HLMR (Hunter-Liggett). When anyone at Hunter-Liggett constituted a security breach, what happened to George Ritter and others was done deliberately.

I have asked for immunity from prosecution and congressman Defazio's military aid has declined to pass on this request.

This is just a brief outline. The events were extremely intense and the emotional and CIA influenced operations surrounding these events are sensitive to 'National Security' or so I have been informed. Since I have received a partial 'go ahead' here, I have said what I can at this time. I promise that the entire story is close to being revealed and it is all real. Then I will go into details that support these allegations and memories.

For additional information on Aliens from the Federation, see our Book Review: The Contact Has Begun or buy the book Amazon Books.

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