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Alien Contact: The Russell Park Abduction Incident

Alien Contact: True Experiences of Alien Contact Around the World

The Russell Park Abduction Incident

My friends and I had been going to this place called Russell Park located in upstate New York in the town of Ilion in the Mohawk Valley. Year after year at night we began seeing flying saucers in the night sky. We knew what they were from the media and from books and stories told to us. The flying saucers had incredible aerial performance, something that our laws of physics seem to prohibit.

Step maneuvers, hovering motionless then shooting from east to west in a split second. I believe they were under intelligent control because they were able to perform hot rod like movements and avoid each other in unison. These UFOs are not just lights in the sky, but metallic objects that seem to emit some kind of plasma trail. I suspect that is the reason why they look fuzzy in photographs.

My friends and I had experienced seeing strange lights in the woods, very bright and orangish in color. We walked through strange hot and cold force field like pockets of air. It would go from 70 degrees at night in an instant of approximately 30 degrees below zero then walking out of the zone to encounter the next patch of air that was over 102 degrees Fahrenheit.

I bent down to tie my boots and noticed strange footprints in the mud that seemed to start and stop as if this thing was beamed up or picked up from that spot. I used my flashlight to examine the print. I am familiar with many animal foot and paw prints as well as humans boots, sneakers, or shoes. This was not like any of those prints. The prints were from an animal that must have been bipedal as it had a curve or horizontal instep to it. It also had three toes and no pattern name or sneaker tread on the bottom of the print.

I came back the next day after it had rained. The footprints were all damaged except for one. I got a shovel and a box and tried to transplant the entire foot print, feeling that this was better then copying it with plaster or fiberglass resin. The print was so water logged that it fell apart as I tried to transfer it to the box. I was very disappointed that I did not get the print. At least it would have been some sort of proof.

The biggest mistake began when my cousin Israel Dupont and I went into the park one night with our flashlights to poke around looking for more alien footprints. We found nothing. We approached a soccer field near some giant water tanks near the main road. We were again confronted with flying disks in the night sky flying about erratically. We decided to sit down and watch the show. A few minutes passed. I noted that my windup watch read 2:00 am. We were expecting our driver in the next half hour.

We sat across from each other and began to talk. A few moments later my cousin Israel said, "What's that over your head? I thought he was playing a joke on me so I flashed my flashlight up above my head in a signal like motion. The next thing we recall is coming to slowly in great muscular or nerve pain. I tried to focus my eyes. We were attacked by some type of blinding white light. I could hear my cousin moaning in pain. He was as stunned as I was.

I called out to him. "What the hell" was all I could say. Since I have studied this type of thing called "missing time," I quickly looked at my watch and discovered 20 minutes had passed. I told Israel that now we would have to run back through the woods to catch our ride that would be coming at 2:30 a.m. We barely made it. We kept quiet about what had happened. We thought of filling out a police report but thought that they would laugh at us or lock us up.

Several weeks later, I began having awful demonic alien nightmares. I became a nervous, fearful person soon after. I was put on medication to keep me calm. I was able to recall the incident fully. The alien craft came down. It was noiseless. I assume it had landing gear because it was not resting on its belly. I saw a ramp open as if inviting me in. I went up the ramp ducking.

As I went in, the floor of the ramp felt strange on the bottom of my feet. Almost like a skin more then a metal ramp. I went inside where I noticed it was somewhat dimly lit. I did not see my cousin Israel anywhere. Before me were huge walls or doors, I'm not sure. The inside of the craft appeared to be larger then the outside of the craft. The walls were about 9 feet high. They were metallic in color arranged in an octagonal design. There were about 5 walls. Each wall had a large symbol that looked like it was burned into the wall. It was complex looking. Each wall had a different pattern on it.

I began to receive messages in my head from an outside source. I turned my head to the right where I saw three horrible looking gray aliens with large heads and child like bodies sitting around some sort of flying saucer biological high-tech computer device. They did not look up at me. I asked questions with my mind. I got answers quickly.

My first question to the aliens was, what are you and where are you from?

I was informed these creatures where just advanced bipedal animals with the soul or spirit of demons with great scientific knowledge that we on earth could not begin to understand. Their physics seems to have no limits. I was very shocked by all this.

I prayed to God for help. I began fighting heart palpitations, shallow breathing and tunnel vision. I fought to keep my senses. I began thinking about all the abduction cases I had read about. The ship did not have a matter antimatter engine in the center of the floor or anywhere else on the ship. It was surprisingly simple. The floor had an interesting structure and design similar to cutting an orange in half and seeing those lines coming out from the center from a single focused point. There were no immediate windows before me. I believe they were behind the octagonal doors. I was told that each symbol on the doors were of a demonic language and an advanced language at that. One symbol was the equivalent of a massive database of knowledge.

How do you navigate through space and survive?

I was told the aliens used their minds for navigational purposes like a biological device for digital control. This was the best they could explain it to me in human terms. It took 3 aliens to properly fly and navigate this UFO for interstellar travel. I could see the top of the cylinder. It was like looking at an advanced 3D computer monitor with images stacked over images.

Like a hologram, the screen was round like a computer monitor that would be laid face up. I think I saw star charts. I saw lines connecting the constellations on it and it had alien fonts or hieroglyphics on the outer rim of this device. The aliens told me that they made it work by placing their hands on what I could only describe as a control panel. The aliens would place both their hands into the indentation that matched their hand shape perfectly which were two fingers and an opposable thumb. It was clearly an advanced computer keyboard.

The ET's told me that the tight diver suits that they were wearing had a triple fold purpose: 1) allowing them to travel in space by blocking radiation; 2) offering muscular resistance and as a body temperature regulator; and 3) as a stun gun defense weapon.

I asked how the craft's power plant worked?

I was told that the craft worked off of highly advanced electromagnetic propulsion. Some sort of drive unit residing in the underside of the craft that could create a bluish-white shield to help cope with particle collision and debris in space as well as allow the craft to be pulled from one large body or planet to another.

I was told that it could contract space itself in front of the saucer and expand it behind the saucer basically traveling without going beyond light speed since that way is still so slow to reach any new planets.


I asked them what is their purpose here?

I heard no answer at first. So I asked again, almost demanding to know what they are doing to mankind. I thought this question over and over.

Silence then deception was sensed by me. I felt a real link to these beings by this telepathic communication that was transpiring. They began communicating with each other still telepathically. Then one of them who was sitting at the far end of this cylinder looked at me, which scared me when I saw the size and blackness of its eye. They relayed to me that they have been studying our defense systems for a long time as well as our spiritual development. They are trying to live on this planet but are still unable to breath our atmosphere to some point. I sensed this is why they are taking sperm and eggs from alien abductees to produce a being that can live on earth.

I clearly got the feeling that these aliens have a devious mission that is being carried out all over the world. I also was told that when large V-shaped craft were seen over the cities such as Arizona, Illinois and Belgium, they were in place to test our military and public response. This can only mean one thing in my mind: I n v a s i o n!

I did have a chance to ask them where they came from, for that was a burning question on my mind. They would not answer me, as one looked away from me with his head down. They seemed to be in a trance like state and I'm glad they were. I asked again and again.

I saw them place their hands on the cylinder-like device before them. I felt the ship lift up. As the door closed I became weightless as if the saucer's material could block gravity waves. I seemed to black out after that. Was 20 minutes gone? Was I taken into space? I'm not sure. I can almost remember looking out of a window-like viewer at the earth. I became very fear-stricken in the years following this encounter.

I have not really benefited from this incident. Once you get something inside your head you may not get it out. While my encounter with the aliens was not too bad compared to other well known documented alien abduction cases, such as Betty and Barney Hill, Travis Walton, or the Allagash Incident, it did frighten me nonetheless. I just couldn't believe I was there. I touched the wall of the craft and felt a lot of heat but the inside of the craft was cold. I have trained in martial arts and guerilla warfare since the age of 14, but nothing could help me that night except for prayer. I am now 31 years old.

If the government is allowing aliens to abduct people, there is strong evidence this is happening. The aliens seem to be learning or studying everything they can about our current state of technology possibly to exchange technologies or the flying discs. After all this, the UFOs could be made into quite a weapon in our government's hands instead of using it for high speed travel. The governments immediately want to reverse engineer the UFOs such as the case with the foreign technology divisions all over this country as well as research and testing of ET crafts at Area 51 in Nevada.

My Speculation as a Believer in Christ

The fact that I am a Christian may be one of the reasons I seemed to have some control over these aliens by asking them questions and not being poked and prodded by some alien test probe or implant. I do pray against these beings and against their technology and pray to keep my sanity after such a bizarre encounter.

I feel the end time will take place in 20 years. I believe when the born again are taken up bodily by the millions that the public will believe aliens came with giant saucers and has taken everyone away to prove their power over us. I believe the antichrist will come from or say he is from outer space. He will be Satan's son. Satan always copies God. This man will be of great value to the United States government because he will be able to answer any question put to him such as medical technological and highly advanced knowledge on how to build super computers and star wars defense like system, clearly making him the seemingly most important man on earth. He will be sought after by millions of people. He will claim to bring peace that will unite everyone just before World War III breaks out. After all, in the Nuclear Age the true enemy cannot be destroyed which is the nature of war and the missiles and their technology.

I feel these aliens have a soul or are demon-possessed because demons cannot influence mankind very well without a body. I feel that now that they have a body, and a potentially infinite weapon of destruction or travel, which are the awesome and powerful flying discs themselves. The bible says that demons will walk with men on earth some day. You say, no one would allow this; they would all be scared of them. Well, what if they were called aliens and they promised us advanced medical and technological advancements? Believe me, if they are smart enough to build the ultimate high-tech interstellar craft, they certainly could give us all sorts of medical and technological knowledge. Demons are smarter then men. They have powers that we do not fully understand or even know about. Just imagine the facility that it would take to built a flying saucer. Awesome, yet frightening, huh?

I feel these aliens have been coming here for thousands of years. They are not something imaginary or fictitious. They seem to be gathering massive amounts of data on us. They know how to sabotage our power systems causing blackouts, cars to stall, machines to start running with no operator as if some form of magnetism had turned them on or is powering them.

Believe me or not, this is my testament. I have waited years to release it as for fear of public and family ridicule. I am burdened by this knowledge and not very enlightened as one may think. I think about it often and am quite miserable. I don't enjoy many things any more like I used to. I feel awful panic and have nerve spells when I think of where I was and what I have learned. Be careful what you wish for. You may not like what you get.

Paul M. Davis

My witnesses at Russell Park

Israel D.

My witnesses to footprints and flying disc aerial sightings:

Justin Davis Little Falls, New York.

My witness to the alien footprints and flying aerial sightings:

Utica, New York.

Donald Avery of Herkimer, New York and Justin Davis.

My witness to strange lights in woods.

Ray Hagadorn, my friend.

Jimmy Hagadorn, Ray's cousin and my friend.

My witness to more footprints at night and to strange hot and cold pockets in the forest.

Donald Avery and myself Paul M. Davis

I finally felt that I had to tell my story to the world as best I can, using the Internet for starters.


Flying saucer and alien footprint sightings took place around June of 1994 - 1997

Abduction date

June 1997

My background

Private studies and interests

Ufology, science, physics, automotive engineering, advanced aircraft design, robotics martial arts, weaponry and guerilla warfare training.

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