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Alien Contact: Russian Scientist Reports UFO

Alien Contact: True Experiences of Alien Contact Around the World

Russian Scientist Reports UFO

This report of a widely seen and photographed UFO was made by a Russian scientist, then living in Russia. Due to the nature of his work, he has asked to remain anonymous, but has promised to tell "part 2" of this story at a future time. Having all the suspense of the 1998 movie "Enemy of the State" starring Will Smith and Gene Hackman, this true UFO story is told in the scientist's own words. Here is the story he wants to share with AAER readers:

I decided to describe my experience with a UFO in Russia. It happened at midnight on June 13, 1980. I was coming home from seeing off my relatives and took the last bus from the train station in Dolgoprudny which is on the northern border of Moscow. Dolgoprudny is a well-known town and has the Moscow Physics Technical Institute, which is analogous to M. I. T. Massachusetts Institute of Technology located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States.

Coming out of the bus at the last stop, which was packed with people even at that late time, I happened to look in the direction of my apartment buildings. What I saw was amazing. At first, I thought something behind my building was on fire. It was a very bright light coming from behind these buildings.

The next moment, a flying object appeared in the sky, absolutely silently moving almost in parallel with the surface, but with a small angle to it. Many passengers came out of the bus together with me and stood and watched the UFO. As soon as I realized that I was seeing something truly unusual, I turned towards the corner of the house, trying to remember all the geometry of the event and to take note of the size of the object as I stood there. Next, I looked at my watch. It was 12:01 a.m.

Then I watched the object moving for a while the same direction. Several minutes later, it suddenly changed direction. It changed so fast, that my eyes could not register what happened. The speed of the movement in the new direction of about a 90 degree angle to the previous direction, was incredible! Then the object disappeared from my sight in several seconds. I looked at my watch. It was now 12:04 a.m.

Now I will try to describe how the object looked and give you my estimations and observations and further research of the subject. The object itself was not transparent. When it covered the stars, you could not see them. There were gas streams coming out of the object. They shined with a very bright light that was yellow with orange and green spires. Where the gas streams came together, there was what I would call a "black hole," that is, a very dark contrast with bright light coming TO it.

The gases seemed to be coming from the entire surface of the object. At the same time, they formed four distinct tails, if we assume the middle gas tails were symmetrical. Later I will explain how I received confirmation of this from another friend. After the UFO changed direction of its movement, which was instantaneous, the tails of gases were dropped.

When I came home, I could see residue of the tails gradually moving and changing shape of clouds of glowing gas. I watched them for more than an hour and they still continued to glow. What kind of gas can glow so long a time?

As to the size of the object, I made estimations based on the distance of the airport relative to my position. The visual angle of the object was close or slightly bigger than that of the moon by about 3 degrees. During the time when I was watching the UFO, an aircraft was on its way to land at Sheremetyevo International Airport, which is northwest of Dolgoprudny. The UFO was about halfway between the aircraft and me. The altitude of it was about one-half and one mile. Thus, assuming the UFO was at a distance between one and two miles from me, its size might be from about 30 to 45 meters in diameter.


By the way, the pilot of the landing aircraft reported to Sheremetyevo International Airport authorities, that he was seeing "the spaceship from another planet." Of course he was ridiculed by them. In fact, they could see from the airport, the UFO and glowing clouds of gas left after the UFO disappeared, but nobody cared.

To my surprise, no helicopters came to take samples of the glowing clouds which would have been easy to do. More than that, several days after the event, one of the central newspapers published an article about this pilot's report of the UFO, saying how deceptive "natural phenomena or military landing missiles can be even for experienced pilots." My impression is that the publication was a conscious misinformation.

Now about my further information on that UFO. My friends found two people who saw the UFO on its way southeast from Dolgoprudny, several minutes after I saw it. Both of them reported the same type of movement: 2 to 3 minutes slow and then a "jump," dropping glowing tails.

Another friend who is chief of the laboratory in Central Aerological Observatory in Dolgoprudny, met me with another scientist from Minsk, Laboratory of Laser Radars, who saw the same UFO the same night, but from a farther distance. He was at the Moscow University doing experiments. He told me that he saw the same kind of UFO before in 1978, at the Pulkob Observatory in Leningrad (Saint Petersburg). That UFO came straight from the sky.

First, the whole group of his scientists who are doing experiments with their laser radar equipment, saw a moving star, which gradually became huge and moved towards them. He said it looked like a cross with a central spot. At the center was a glowing gas light substance. It seemed like he saw the same four tails device but from the front.

In spite of that, he and his colleagues thought it was some kind of weapons which would destroy them, so he took a lot of photographs of the phenomena. He said the UFO in Leningrad suddenly changed direction and disappeared in the sky, leaving glowing gas clouds behind it. Early in the morning after the event, while these people were processing the film of photos of the UFO, the KGB people came, interrogated the scientists on what they had seen, and then confiscated the film with the UFO photos.

And now, here is the last part of the story. At a distance of about 250 miles from Moscow, there is a city called Nizhny Novgorod which at that time was called Gorki, where I graduated from the University. The next day, which was June 14, I called my friend who worked at Gorky's Radiophysics Institute which is now called IPFAN, and told him about my adventure. In response, he said the people from the Astrophysical Station of the University saw the same UFO that night and took a photo of it. Later he told these people about my experience, and they asked me to send them a description of what I had seen. They promised to send me the photo. But a day later, my friend told me that any information about their observation was forbidden and they were not allowed to talk about it with anybody. There is one more part of the story which is even more mystical, but I am leaving it for a later time.

Many UFO reports surfaced on this date from Russia, China, South America, and other countries. Their authenticity as a UFO was disputed by Houston space specialist James Oberg in a January 1983 "Fate" magazine article. In this article, Oberg insisted the UFO was actually a satellite launched from the Russian Kosmos program.

May 27, 2002

AAER asks: Would a satellite make a 90 degree turn in the sky and continue flying? Why did the Russian newspaper debunk this pilot's report of a UFO as "natural phenomena" or "military landing missiles"? Why didn't the newspaper label the pilot's sighting as a satellite if it really was a satellite as indicated by Oberg? Why did the Russian newspaper and U.S.'s Oberg disagree on what the object was? Why did the KGB interrogate the scientists and confiscate their photos if the object was only a satellite?

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