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Alien Contact: Six Hours Onboard A UFO by Preston Dennett

Alien Contact: True Experiences of Alien Contact Around the World

Six Hours Onboard A UFO by Preston Dennett

The following true story has been excerpted from Preston Dennett's book, EXTRATERRESTRIAL VISITATIONS. This book is a collection of abduction reports and alien contact. Stories are told in the first person of the people who experienced the events. The book covers many different types of abduction occurrences, including missing time, UFO sightings, alien/visitor contacts, alien physical examinations and so on. This book lets each person tell his or her own story without editorializing from the author. Each story stands on its own merits. To order the book, click on the bookcover.

The following case involves a gentleman who experienced a very intense missing time UFO encounter at the tender age of twelve years. His case, however, has many remarkable features. First of all, where most abductees experience missing time of twenty minutes to an hour or two, he experienced six full hours of missing time. Second, there are other witnesses to the event. And third, there is considerable physical evidence supporting the fact that something very unusual occurred to him.

The gentleman, whom I shall call Jack Stevens, lives today in Everett, Washington with his wife and children. He grew up on a farm in Napa, Idaho, and worked for years at a nearby factory. He gives the impression of being a very sensible guy, down-to-earth, confident and easy-going. Definitely not the kind of person to be easily frightened. Basically a normal guy.

And yet, he has had some very unusual experiences. It all began one fateful summer evening in 1972. Jack, his mother and his younger brother, Dan (pseudonym), all decided to go to a drive-in movie only a few miles away from their home. The movie had just begun when suddenly a thick fog swept quickly into the area. Within minutes, the movie screen became totally obscured. The theater personnel handed out free passes and sent everyone home. So began an ordeal that Jack would never forget, at least not totally.

Driving home was an ordeal in itself. Says Jack, "I remember it being so foggy, and my mom remembers it too. You could just barely see each line on the road, that's how foggy it was. You were literally just driving from line to line. We were going maybe three or four miles per hour…we had to go real slow. My mom and brother were in the front seat, I was in the back."

They were only a few hundred yards away from their home when things took a bizarre turn. Jack's mom stopped the car and said, "My god! Look out there in front of us. Have you ever seen an animal like this? Look, it's as big as a dog!"

Says Jack, "I looked and I couldn't see anything. My mom and my brother were looking at it. All of a sudden, in the headlights, my mom and my brother - I know this sounds really weird - she said it was a spotted skunk. I saw absolutely nothing. I was in the back seat, but I was looking right up their shoulders. And she and my brother are both seeing this thing walking down the road with spots. I saw absolutely nothing. There was absolutely nothing there.

"Right at that time that they were looking at it, the whole car lit up. I mean, it just lit up, literally. I can't even describe how bright it was in the fog. I remember I just lost it. I jumped down on the back seat. My mom said, 'Oh, look! It's a crop duster!'

"I said, 'Mom, that is not a crop duster.' And she and my brother are still looking up the front window at this supposed skunk that wasn't there. Like I said, I got on the back seat of the car. The next thing I know I just kind of felt weightless…everything in the car just felt like it was floating."

Just when Jack was getting a little bit scared, the light winked out. The car engine started up and they began driving down the road. Jack's brother turned around and said, "See, I told you that was a crop duster." Jack looked over at his brother and he appeared to be in a deep trance, with a vacant expression across his face. Says Jack, "It was just like my brother was knocked out with his eyes open."

Jack's mother breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Damn, that scared me to death!"

Jack was trying to figure out what happened when they suddenly arrived home. Says Jack, "We pulled into our driveway. I'm looking and it's morning and the birds are singing. I said, 'Hey, it's morning time.'

"And my brother gets out and he's walking with his hands like you see in the movies, out in front of him, walks right up. Mom unlocks the door, goes in. I'm walking in-between them and I say, 'What's going on? Mom, it's six o'clock in the morning. Look at the clock.'

"And she looked at it and said, 'No, it's not, you're looking at the clock wrong. Go to bed.'

"I'm thinking, 'Wait a minute, what's going on here?' I said, 'Dan, look. Look right here at the clock in the kitchen.'

"He says, 'It's twelve o'clock.'

"I said, 'It doesn't say twelve o'clock. It's morning time.'

"He said, 'Whatever,' and held his arms out and walked into his room….well, the sun was coming up and I knew that something was up here. We were a farm family. We always got up early. Three or four that afternoon, the next day, I'm thinking, 'What's going on here? Why is everyone still asleep?' My brother gets up, no recollection of it whatsoever."

Since nobody seemed to think anything strange had happened, Jack just forgot about it. This type of reaction is actually common among UFO witnesses. Says Jack, "None of us discussed this after it happened. I didn't ever talk to my mom about it. My brother never talked. We just never talked about it."

Jack knew, however, that something every unusual had occurred. Somehow, they had lost six hours of time - six hours of which they could remember absolutely nothing. It was so strange, that no explanation seemed possible. At the time, they didn't even think of UFOs.

It was literally days after the sighting when another bizarre phenomenon began to plague the Stevens' farmhouse. Strange crop circles began to appear in the fields behind their home. Says Jack, "There was a crop circle made down there. At the time, I didn't even know what it was. I remember running around. It was about a three-acre wheat field. It had a spiral-type thing in it. I played in it afterwards. It was like a pinwheel on the fourth of July, that type, with spirals coming out of it. But this was big, like maybe two acres, and it had smaller spiral things around it.

"I got blamed for it. I got blamed for knocking all the wheat down there. Also in the cornfield - this happened for a lot of years. Right in one particular place, all the corn would get knocked down. And this was directly outside my bedroom window, about 100 yards out in the cornfield…There were a lot of crop circle things going on in that area. I mean, there was a lot. I remember them always blaming it on me. My mom would say it was like dust devils or tornadoes, or a little tornado touched down or something. But I remember a lot of them. And like I said, that one stuck in my mind because I got blamed for it. And I had better things to do than to knock down about two acres of wheat in a circle. But I did get blamed for that one. And I also got blamed for the corn field one."

The mysteriously appearing crop circles became another weird occurrence that Jack just couldn't understand. One thing he did notice was that they often appeared in the same general area underneath some high voltage power lines. Another strange detail was how all the animals avoided the area as if it were a toxic waste dump. Says Jack, "I hunted bird down in that field a lot, and that area right where it was, was just like a dead area. You didn't even need to bother to hunt by those lines because there was not going to be any kind of animal whatsoever. And our bird dog would not even go over and cross underneath those lines right there."

Around the same time as the missing time episode and crop circles, a UFO sighting in their area was nationally televised. None of them made any connection to their own experience. Says Jack, "I know it was the same time that - all the way through from Salt Lake to Boise - there had been a big ice-cream cone shaped thing that was flying around at that time. I mean, it was within a few weeks of that…It was on the news in Idaho and Nevada. Anyway, it looked like an inverted ice-cream cone. A bunch of people saw it. It was all over in the news."

Time went on. Jack continued to live life as normally as before. He went to school, did his chores, went out with girls, went hunting and did other normal teen-age activities. One of his favorite pastimes included snow skiing. And like many people who ski, it was a challenge for Jack to keep warm on the ski slopes. However, for reasons unknown to Jack at the time, this was a worse problem for him that for most people."

Says Jack, "When I went to ski, I would get like a cold spot in the middle of both my feet that just would not go away. I mean, it would be the next day before this would actually go away. I used to ski all the time, and when my feet would get cold in my boots, in the bottom of my feet, I mean, it would just feel like I had an ice cold nail right in the middle of both my feet."

Jack had no idea what caused this numbness and attributed it to some peculiarity in his physiology. It would be nearly 20 years later before he got the answer.

Still other inexplicable events continued to revolve around Jack. At age 17, he had his wisdom teeth removed. This in itself was not strange. However, the dentist found an unusual object imbedded in Jack's mouth - something that had no right to be there. Jack remembers, "When I had my wisdom teeth removed, first he pulled out four wisdom teeth. And then he said, 'Well, there's something else in here. I don't know what. I don't know quite what they are.' The dentist said, 'Wait a minute, there's still something else in there that's the size of a tooth. I think it's another tooth.'

"And he yanked two other things out of the top. He said that he didn't know what they were. He said they were really strange, he's never seen anything like them….he pulled it out and he goes, 'Hmmm.' I remember him telling the nurse to come over, and he says, 'Hmmm, look at this. What do you think it is?'

"And she says, 'I don't know. I guess it could be a tooth, but I don't think so.' And they threw it away."

At the time, Jack was recovering from the effects of nitrous oxide and didn't get a chance to examine the strange object(s), or ask the dentist about them. He does remember the dentist was bewildered. Jack was equally baffled. If it wasn't a tooth, what could it be? It was just another strange thing that left him with a strange feeling, a clue that something was going on with him that he didn't understand.

Around that same time, yet another unexplained event occurred which left Jack a little shaken. It was during his senior year in High School. He was playing football when he suffered a severely broken leg. "When I broke my right leg, they did an X-ray on it, and I had three clean breaks and three compound fractures in it. Well, there's some kind of weird thing. They asked me if I had ever had a steel pin put in my foot, my ankle or my foot. They asked if I had ever broke my leg before and had a pin put in there. And I said, 'No.'

"And they said, 'This is really weird. We got this on the X-ray. There must be some mess-up on the X-ray or something.' Because on my left leg there was some kind of metallic-type thing that showed up on the X-ray. So I'm wondering what the heck is going on here. Other than that, I don't remember what went on about that."

Again Jack found himself in the unenviable positions of discovering yet another seemingly impossible thing occurring to him. First there was the missing time UFO encounter followed by the crop circles, and a UFO sighting on the local news. Then there was the bizarre numbness in his feet, and finally the strange objects inside the roof of his mouth and inside his leg. Still, he had no reason to suspect any of these were related. It would be twenty years later when he would finally uncover the reasons behind these strange occurrences.

Jack grew up, got a job in a nearby sugar factory, met the woman of his dreams, got married and started having children. The years passed and Jack lived a normal life. Still, in the back of his mind, all these events remained buried, waiting for the day when they might be satisfactorily explained.

It was in June of 1997 that this exact event happened. Suddenly, spontaneously, Jack's mind went back to that initial UFO encounter on that foggy night back in 1972. His memory was triggered by an event so commonplace, that it amazes him to thing how easily he had ignored or forgotten everything that had happened to him so many years earlier.

It all began when he accidentally cracked a molar tooth. The intense pain opened a floodgate of memories that shocked him to the core of his being. The instant he cracked his tooth, Jack's mind shot back to that one night when he, his mother and his brother all saw a UFO and experienced six hours of missing time. In a matter of minutes, he recalled much of what had happened during those missing six hours. Each time he bit down on the tooth, the pain brought a whole new flood of memories. And it was these memories that literally crumbled his whole foundation of beliefs about himself and the universe in which he lived. It was with utter astonishment that he realized for the time that the object that had all seen was a UFO. In fact, he clearly remembered being sucked up inside of it and put through an ordeal that would leave him forever changed.

Again, it began with the sighting of what appeared to be a giant spotted skunk traipsing down the road in the middle of a foggy night in 1972. As soon as they saw the strange creature, Jack's mother and brother began exclaiming wildly. Jack, however, couldn't see anything. It was then that a bright white light struck the car and Jack remembers feeling a floating weightless sensation. His next conscious memory at the time was the car starting up and heading home.

But after cracking the tooth, he remembered what really happened. The light hit the car and then Jack felt himself being pulled out of the car and up into the air. Says Jack, "The next thing I know, I just kind of felt weightless…I remember the car kind of floating too a little bit. The car was floating like side to side while my mom was still seeing this thing out the window. She stopped the car and the car was kind of floating, not really floating, but almost floating. And then when we stopped completely, it came straight up the road at us, and it was like two bright lights. Then they kind of came together, pointed right at us, and that's when I floated up out of the car. And I kind of floated out the side window of the car that was rolled down. The next thing I remember is just kind of being upside down and thinking, 'Hey, this is pretty cool. I'm kind of like weightless.' And seeing my mom and my brother with just like a frozen expression, like nothing. I'm floating upside down. My mom, I could see her trying to move. And as I'm going up, I thought, 'Man, I'm going up. Wow! I'm going up into this thing! There's nothing I can do about it. I'm going."

As he rose up into the craft, Jack's greatest concern was for his family. Says Jack, "I remember saying, literally telling them when I was floating up there, 'Hey, I don't want you to take my mom or my brother or do anything.' And they said, 'Don't worry, we're not going to hurt you.' Well, not really said, but this was the impression that I got. 'We're not going to hurt them. Don't worry about them.' I remember looking down at my brother, and I'm kind of floating in mid-air. And he's just got this little stupid-looking grin on his face, just frozen. It was really strange."

Jack couldn't see what was lifting him in the air. Not only was it too bright to comfortably look at, but he was hanging upside down and was understandably disoriented. His next memory is of being taken inside the craft and floated onto a table. Says Jack, "The next thing I remember is kind of getting there, and one of them kind of knew me. I don't know if you would say, 'knew me,' but knew about me. There was like maybe ten - I can't really call them people or anything, because they were like…entities. They were like individuals, but yet they weren't. And I don't know what they looked like This is something that I've really been trying to remember and I cannot remember. I don't know if they were short, tall, big - anything. I just knew that they were there.

"As I moved around in the thing, I was realizing, 'Hey, this thing is big! This is a really big thing I'm on here.' And I remember getting on this one table. And I don't know how to describe it - it kind of like formed to your back. I kind of sunk down into it, but not really. And I remember getting kind of scared. I remember being on this table thing. Then, I remember two of them going back and forth, and it was like a good cop, bad cop thing. One of them, for all he cared, just throws me off. That's kind of what the impression was, just like get him off here. And the other one, he wasn't in charge…it's so hard to describe something that you have no idea what it was. In the mean time, the other one was saying kind of like, 'No, we are not going to do that.'…This is what was going on. There was one of them that was like good, but he wasn't the boss. And the one that was the boss was kind of bad, but yet he still listened. I think they were going to really actually do something to me, but thi s other one kept saying that."


Extraterrestrial Visitations

As Jack lay there on the table, the beings began to perform what appeared to be some type of medical procedure upon him. Says Jack, "I remember them putting something in the bottom of both my feet…I remember cold on my feet. I could remember something physically touching my foot, like a flesh-type thing, but not quite. It's almost like something was holding on to my foot. And then I remember being cold.

"And I remember them telling me to open my mouth, and that's it. Other than that, when it comes to the mouth part, I can't think…On that table thing, I do remember them being around me. But then they were kind of indifferent, like they just kind of watched, like a kid with a puzzle being done a hundred times, kind of like, 'yeah,' and a couple of them taking off, like they could care less about what was going on."

Although Jack was disoriented and shocked by what was happening to him, he still had the presence of mind to observe his surroundings. His first impression was the sheer size of the craft, which was easily as large as a small building. Everything about the inside of the craft, however, looked strange and unfamiliar. Even today, he finds it difficult to describe. As he says, "[It was] kind of beige. It was kind of all the same, like a beige, goldish, bronze color…not shiny though. Like a dull bronze. I don't remember any sharp corners. It was smooth. Everything was kind of smooth, no sharp corners. No lights. I mean, everything was light, but it was like - how would you describe it. Maybe like those hidden lights, like if you're in a room, you can still read, but - you know what I'm talking about, those hidden lights? There were no lights exactly…I remember when I was in the table-type room thing, it was just kind of like one side of it was open, but yet dimmer. I guess you really wouldn't ca ll it glass. Almost like looking through a piece of plastic…it was kind of dim, but when I looked at outside lights, they weren't bright at all."

As far as the temperature of the craft, Jack says, "It wasn't hot, I know that. I wasn't hot or cold. It was just about right."

Although he remembers looking at the beings, for some reason, Jack is utterly unable to visualize what they looked like. Says Jack, "Just for the whole life of me, I cannot remember what anything looked like there, any of whatever they were. They were there, but for the life of me, I cannot remember. I even remember thinking, I'm going to look at them now. And I remember turning my head up and looking at them. But I don't remember what was there. You know, I'm almost convinced that these things were ugly, that's why I don't want to remember them. I'm serious, that's what I'm thinking. I think these things were ugly, little scary-looking damn things. I remember not being intimidated by them because I remember looking at eye-level, or almost looking down on them. But then again, I was sitting on that table, so it's hard to say. Looking over at them from the table, I was trying to look for a way to get out of there. And there wasn't really like a door or anything. But there was almost like an es calator, but not an escalator. And it went up."

At one point, Jack asked again about his mom and brother back in the car. The answer they gave him was not very comforting. Says Jack, "The reason it was a bad experience for me was because I was scared for my mom and my brother. I wasn't really scared for myself at all. I was worried that they were going to do something to them. And I remember asking them, the good one, what…and he said, 'Don't worry about it, we don't want them.' It was like that. 'Don't want them. Don't need them. Don't care.' It was like, 'We don't care about them. They can just stay there and they'll be fine and you'll be back.'"

As the experience progressed, Jack came to realize that the beings seemed almost devoid of emotion. Their thought processes were also very different from our own. Says Jack, "It was kind of like these things were like - I don't know - it's kind of like they were indifferent about everything. They had opinions, but I guess you'd kind of say they couldn't make their minds up, like what they were going to do next. I don't know how to explain this part of it. They were really indecisive, almost like they had to take a vote on everything before they did it. I guess that would be a good way to put it. Somebody would come up with an idea, then they would all have to kind of decide about it before they did it. That includes like even when I'm on my way up."

What impressed Jack the most about the beings was not so much their indecisiveness but their lack of feelings. Says Jack, "They're indifferent, like no feelings - most machine-like I'd guess you'd say. It was like no emotions…like they could care less. Like just throw me out of the thing and it would have made no difference to him, that one. But the other one was saying, 'No, we can't do that.' But like I said, it was just like a jury on every single thing that the things did. Almost like whatever these things were had a card that said yes on one side and no another side. Every little thing that was going to happen, they stuck their card up and the majority ruled."

After a while, Jack was floated up off the table and into another part of the craft. He was shocked to find that he never actually walked, but was floated from room to room. "I don't really remember standing. I do kind of remember kneeling, floating, but I don't remember actually physically walking around in this thing. I was just like from one place to another."

What would happen next is something that may be unique in the UFO literature. It would also be the single most vivid and enjoyable part of the experience. Jack suddenly felt the craft move quickly to another location. Says Jack, "I remember kind of shooting in this thing. I'm thinking, 'Boy, this feels really weird.' We kind of like went straight up above the fog. I could look out. The next thing, I went down in this thing. It was like a little clear diamond-thing on the bottom of it [the craft.] I'm in this thing and there are like bungi cords on me…I sat in this clear diamond-shaped [enclosure] - actually suspended, it almost felt like bungi cords, but I could see everything around. I got like a 360-degree view. I could look everywhere. We drop back down and we're by my farm. We're literally down in the pasture above this ditch. And there are some big high voltage power lines, heavy-duty power lines through there. You can just feel the electricity coming off.

"Well, as we dropped down to this thing, whatever the clear thing I was in, in the bottom, kind of got smaller. It was kind of like a confined space. It seemed wide open to me before, and yet I was enclosed, kind of like plastic or glass."

Jack was totally in awe. It was as if he was dangling outside the bottom of the craft with a perfect view of everything for miles, including his home and all the fields around. The room he was in seemed to be designed specifically for observation, and would swivel to the direction that he was looking. Says Jack, "In places it didn't move at all, like if I just wanted to look one way, it just stayed there. But if I turned, it would kind of like move all over. But if I just stopped and looked one way, it would just stop and look one way. And I still remember the country. I was never up in a balloon or a plane or anything over our farm, but I remember exactly the way it looked from the air, exactly, looking down…I could see everything around the whole area of my farm. I could see for like two miles around.

"So anyway, as we went up there, the one that I was telling you who was like the good cop guy kind of starts telling me or showing me - it was like he was explaining to me what they were doing. And I don't know what it was. But we went up to the power lines and after we got back down and that little thing I was in seemed to kind of shrink up inside, four rotating like things on each side of this thing, the diamond or triangle or whatever it was - there were four lights that started spinning around. And I could see them from where I was. But then I was back up inside. For some reason, I wasn't down in that thing anymore. I went inside into this room again, but yet we could see out and see what was going on. And I saw those beams suck all together, come into one big beam and hit the power pole, sucking the electricity out of it….and there were like, I mean LIGHTS! They all focused into one and they started sucking electricity out of the power poles. I can't describe it but I could literally feel it going through my body.

"I remember being cold. That's when they went and sucked up that electricity. That is the most vivid part of the whole thing. And I remember we were up above it, a telephone pole, maybe two telephone pole lengths above it. And all those lights focusing into one super bright light, just pshew! And just literally seeing the electricity coming out of there, and feeling it. It was just like it drained everything, just took it all.

"Another thing, when I was up in that thing, we were above the fog, just kind of floating right above this fog. And when they went to go suck the electricity out of the power lines, that fog just got out of the way. It just opened wide up, just shew, got out of the way, and I could see crystal clear.

"Another thing, I remember my teeth kind of hurting when it was sucking stuff up. Just like when you're chewing on aluminum foil. I remember feeling like, 'Hurry up, get this thing over with.' I wanted to go back down into that thing where I was like bungi-ing around…the one guy - the good cop guy - he was telling me all kinds of stuff, but it wasn't sinking in. I didn't understand what he was telling me. There were math formula things and something about a lot of triangles and circles. There was a lot of geometry thrown at me. And I'm just sitting there thinking, 'This is pretty cool, but I kind of want to go home.' Like, 'Get this done.'…The one that was the good one, was trying to tell me this stuff, and the one that was the bad one was not really allowing him to. There was a bunch of whatever there were in that thing, but there was only two that were actually - I guess you could say communicating or whatever."

After this episode, Jack remembers the craft moving very quickly to yet another location. As he says, "I remember just shooting off. And the next thing I know is we're like somewhere I don't even know where we are…we kind of shot around - like went for a little drive I guess you'd say - shot around. I can still remember the exact direction we took out there. The next thing, we were somewhere where I had no idea."

At this point, Jack's memory remains extremely hazy. Something else may have occurred, but he has no idea what or how long they stayed there. All he really remembers is that the terrain looked totally unfamiliar. After an undetermined amount of time, they left.

Jack was somewhat relieved to suddenly see that they were back above his car. "And then we were back above the car, no fog. And I remember floating back into the car, just floating back over the car, right back where it was, floating upside down. I remember kind of playing around too, flipping, doing flips and kind of thinking it was cool going upside down. I remember getting to the car and kind of looking back up at the thing, and as I'm looking up at it, it's getting smaller and smaller. And I remember saying, 'You didn't do anything to my mom or brother, right?'

"'Right, don't worry.'

"I don't remember floating back in the window, but I remember floating back to the car, seeing my brother, worrying about him breathing…I remember floating down, upside down, back into the car and into the back seat.

"Then my brother just turned around and said, 'See, I told you that was a crop duster.'…Then the car started and we drove about a hundred yards and we pulled into the driveway."

Jack's memory of these events poured into his mind over a period of hours and days, with more details coming each time. Finally, he had an answer to all the strange events in his life, from the missing time to the strange objects in his body. When he found out that his experiences matched closely with other people, his reply was, "Dang it, I wish you wouldn't have told me. I wanted you to tell me, 'Well, I've done extensive research and you're all nuts.' I do feel better that somebody else has seen something similar, but I don't feel better that you came to the conclusion that we're not all nuts."

The flood of bizarre memories caused considerable stress and Jack felt the compulsion to tell someone. As he says, "I was thinking, man, why am I remembering all this stuff? It's scaring the crap out of me." He told his wife, who was very supportive. Then he asked his mother. Her response shocked him. Says Jack, "My mom came up and visited a while back and I said, 'Mom, do you remember going to the movie theater and leaving about midnight, and all of a sudden, it was six o'clock in the morning?'

"And she said, 'You know, I've been thinking about that for twenty years. I don't know why I kept you guys out all night, and I remember leaving the theater.' She been wondering that for twenty years why she kept us out all night long - and why it took us all night to drive four miles from the drive-in movie theater to home….She just said it was like six hours that she should have know about, but she didn't know about."

Jack asked her, "Do you remember some kind of animal running down the road when we got sent home from the fog?"

She replied, "Yes, my god! I've been thinking about that."

Jack replied, "Mom, there was nothing, because I was looking."

Her response was that it was the biggest skunk she ever saw in her life. She said, "You know, that is pretty strange now that I think about it, a three foot tall spotted skunk running down the road in the fog."

"Maybe it was a Dalmatian?" Jack offered.

His mom said, "No, I remember the tail."

Jack answered, "Well, mom, I remember sticking my head right next to yours, looking through the window and seeing nothing."

She said, "I kind of remember that too, but I sure saw it."

Jack's brother's remembered little. Says Jack, "The only recollection my brother has about the whole thing is the skunk. Nothing about the crop duster, because when that thing came down the road, my brother was already like gone. He was already pulling the black face thing."

After the conversation with his mom, Jack was nearly devastated. As he says, "Well, the thing is, with my mom saying that, you should have seen me. I darn near passed out. I'm a pretty tough guy. I was hoping she'd say, 'I just remember the crop duster flying over us, and you're a big chicken.' And when she told me that she wondered for twenty-five years why she kept us out until six in the morning, I mean my knees almost buckled under me."

As the memories flooded back, Jack recalled another strange event that occurred about two weeks after the initial missing time episode. Says Jack, "I remember going to bed, and I'm thinking, 'I'm kind of going to bed early, but I'm kind of tired. I'm going to go to bed anyway.' And I remember my whole room flooding with light, just flooded. And I remember thinking, 'Oh, boy.' It wasn't like I was scared or anything, but like, 'Oh, god, here we go again,' kind of like I was annoyed about it. Kind of like I wanted to go to sleep and I didn't want this. And I remember floating out the window into this super-bright light right over the cornfield there, and that's it. I don't remember coming back in on that or nothing. God, I don't know. I'm feeling kind of silly about it now, but it's just such a distinct - I mean, I'm sure it happened. I'm sure I didn't make this up.

"When it did come back a second time, I think there might have been a whole bunch more [beings] in there, because it was just like, oh boy, here we go again…and you know, another thing, when the things did come back, I still remember the feeling of just - I was kind of excited. I thought it was really cool. All I remember is my whole room being flooded with light and floating out the window. But I wasn't scared when they came the second time."

And that is where Jack's story stands. Today he continues to deal with the concept that he has been onboard a UFO at least two times and possibly many more. As of yet, he still has no recall of what the beings looked like. Nor does he recall any other encounters, other than a dramatic UFO sighting which he shared with his family and several other observers. He feels no fear of the beings, but still wonders what else happened that he doesn't remember, and why the ETs were interested in him. But most of all, he wonders if the beings might ever return. And if so, would he even remember?

Extraterrestrial Visitations - To order the book, click on the bookcover.

Preston Dennett

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