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Alien Abduction
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Alien Contact: Abduction by Glowing Blue Aliens

Alien Contact: True Experiences of Alien Contact Around the World

Abduction by Glowing Blue Aliens

Please find below a true story of my Abduction Experience with Glowing Blue Alien beings who visited me on the dates below. I do not believe they were or are malevolent. I have been looking for answers ever since. Please, this is not a hoax, it really happened to me. Comments would be appreciated. Thank you.

Dawn: Saturday 17th February 1996AD. I woke up suddenly at dawn and immediately felt a distinct presence in the bedroom. I had heard it come into the bedroom (and round to my side of the bed) and I first thought it was our Daughter. Outside, dawn was just breaking. Finally, puzzled at why my Daughter had come into the bedroom so early in the morning, I actually opened my eyes.

I looked over to my wife's side of the bed and was quite surprised to discover an unknown entity standing by the bedside. It was standing in front of the wardrobe, nearly facing us. Its entire body was giving off a soft dull bluish white glow.

It was not a classic Grey: I was unable to detect the characteristic large black almond shaped eyes you would find on one.

This entity curiously had more human proportions. A small head with a distinctly pointed chin, a bald domed head and a very thin neck. The "Blue Man" also had a barrel shaped body, and very thin flexible arms which it was waving around very slowly in a fashion that reminded you of T'ai Chi movements. The glow it gave off may have made picking out any facial characteristics impossible. The Entity was not menacing in any way -- on the contrary it seemed to exude an aura of peace.

I am surprised that I did not freak out. The Entity seemed to be glancing in the direction of my daughters bedroom (which is across the corridor), when I first saw it.

Almost as soon as I consciously registered its existence, the Entity suddenly reacted, turning its head slightly towards me and then smoothly stretching out a hand in my direction, fingers widespread.

A pale (pastel ?) yellow ball of light, not unlike a miniature Sun sphere complete with minuscule solar prominence all around it, leaped from the palm of its hand straight towards me -- in slow motion! It hit me in the face, square between the eyes, and that was the last thing I saw. Suddenly, it was broad daylight, and the entity was gone. It was as if time jumped.

I don't know what the entity (whom I have dubbed "Blue Man") was, but I was not scared in any way, only surprised, and unbelievably calm. Whatever it was, it wasn't anything I have read about or seen in any book or magazine. However, I am curious; what was it doing in our bedroom?

Approx. 0535HRS: Sunday 18th February 1996AD During the night, I slept very badly. I was worried that the Entity might come back. I was now quite scared. I spent the whole night clinging to my wife. I have this irrational fear that they might take me away and not let me come back. I spent the night huddled under the blankets, scared of looking up to see the entity looking at me again.

This may sound incredible or ridiculous, but I felt a presence waiting in the bedroom all night. Around 05:35 am, I heard bird song outside. Tired of clinging to my wife, I turned over and lay on my back, all the while keeping my eyes closed. I could hear the birds outside, their singing felt reassuring, and I felt nothing was going to happen after all.

I was wrong. I had just turned over on my back when something or someone grabbed my left arm or hand in a vice. Almost simultaneously, I felt a familiar buzzing vibration assault my hand, starting from my finger tips, traveling slowly up my arm and begin to creep across my body. The vibration was familiar, except it was ten times stronger than usual, feeling more like a strong electric current, and it hurt me.

I have never felt pain quite like that before. I was in pain and scared witless. At the same time, in terror and feeling some form of paralysis overcoming my body, I opened my eyes.

In my line of vision, I caught a glimpse of a pair of eyes looking intently into mine. The entire image was again bathed in a pale blue glow, the same glow I saw yesterday. All I saw were the eyes. They looked vaguely human, and curiously female; no it was not my wife! The eyes seemed to convey concern, worry. There was a distinct Iris, and eyelashes.

Somehow, I managed to tear myself away from the intense stare, roll over, and grab my wife in a blind panic. There was the most horrid pain in my left arm. She of course woke up to find me almost frantically clinging to her. I told her what had happened. Interestingly when she looked around there was nothing in the room to see. As soon as I managed to calm down, I tried to get back to sleep.

No sooner had I closed my eyes, when I received a clear telepathic message; a definite mental impression. I say telepathic, because I perceived the following words quite clearly in my head, and I quote: "Your daughter and yourself are precisely the same".

There was something about the way the message was put across, it sounded like the source of these words did not seem to have a perfect command of English, and even the sentence did not sound right, indeed I had no doubts that the source was "Alien" to English language. It also seemed the entity relaying this message was almost mocking me. I initially thought this message was in reference to my daughter.


There was also another possibility: During an OOBE / Dream sequence 3 years ago, I found myself in a room with a very quiet, almost motionless pale skinned little pixie faced girl with long blonde hair, a pointed chin and the most intelligent eyes I have seen, a half alien half human hybrid called Helas.

I was acutely aware that she was a part of me, perhaps genetically. (Don't ask me how this could be possible - I know how absurd this sounds.) Even after this, the Entities (I think there were several operating together this time) did not leave me alone.

I was still mulling over the message when once again a well-known buzzing vibration invaded my entire body as I lay there. This time, it was uniform, soft, and it didn't hurt. It was similar to the sensation I usually have that precedes an OOBE (or perhaps an abduction)! An out of body experience immediately commenced: I floated straight up to the ceiling, then (anti-clockwise) around the perimeter of the room once, hugging the ceiling and then back down on to the bed.

A second OOBE followed almost instantaneously, and this virtually mirrored the first. It seemed as if someone was testing the device usually used to transport me. I want to state that during these strange flights, I could not, and usually do not see myself on the bed, so this is not an NDE.

Then I had the third OOBE. Third time around, I rose up off the bed, straight through the ceiling, up through the flat above (an empty bedroom), through the next one up (which was also empty) and up into yet a third room which should not have been there. By rights I should have been on the roof. I vaguely recall a room with steely grey coloured walls that appeared to be made of slabs of granite stone. Here, I bounced around quite weightless, trying to float out of the large windows on one side of the room, the same way I had just gone through several ceilings, but for some reason, I couldn't get out of that room. I recall trying to get through the windows feet first, and solidly bouncing back.

Suddenly, I found myself flying along at tree height in an unknown city that looked like an eastern bloc town (I spent 5 years studying in Russia). Interestingly, I had to flap my arms like a bird to keep myself in the air. I had to particularly concentrate flapping my arms to prevent myself falling out of the sky, and felt at first exhilarated to have the power of flight.

This predicament kept me occupied for quite a few minutes. I flew past dingy blocks of flats at street lamp height, no one seemed to see me. I saw a railroad nearby, on it slowly moved a small diesel locomotive, the type used for shunting wooden goods wagons. After flapping around energetically for a few minutes, I got bored and decided I wanted to go home. I was just beginning to get frantic when the scene suddenly disappeared as suddenly as it appeared, and I found myself in bed again. Time had jumped once more and it was broad daylight. I could not help realizing that the "Bird man sequence" at the end of my experience must have been created by this (or these entities) tapping into my memories of the eastern bloc, and playing on the basic human fancy to fly unaided like a bird, to keep me mentally occupied while they did whatever they wanted to do.

That reality mind warp has been used on me at least once before. I would like to know what really happened during those moments that have been so cleverly shielded from my conscious memory. I have been having OOBE's since December 27, 1993. I have no doubt these are not dreams or sleep paralysis. I have consciously noticed myself rise off the bed, and float backwards out of the window feet first, slowly turn from the horizontal to the vertical position (through a rather precise angle of 90 degrees) while floating in mid air, and shoot upwards. Then I can't remember anymore.

I can also clearly recall on occasion suddenly waking up to find myself inexplicably diving head first towards the bedroom window, going through it like it wasn't there, and just before I slowly settled down horizontally on to my side of the bed observe two humanoid entities sitting on the bed, around my wife. (This was sometime in 1994.) There have been other unexplained paranormal incidents, some tied into OOBE's, others clearly evidence of increased psychic ability.

No matter what anybody thinks, I am afraid I do not subscribe to the Temporal Lobe Epilepsy theory, (apologies to Dr. Susan Blackmore). The appearance of a Blue Man (or Woman ?- the eyes were female) in my bedroom has really knocked me for six. I saw him (or her). She was there. She was real. What did he or she want? I am sure I am not alone in having experiences like this. This probably was an abduction experience. It isn't my first. Why is this happening? Why me?

I think the Governments of the world, including the British Government know about these Alien Visitations. There is probably a great deal they are not telling us. I only want to know what is going on, and I want the world to understand that the Abduction phenomenon is really happening.

Append to previous E-mail: 9 months and a few days after the "Blueman Incident," we had an addition to the family. A baby girl. Today she is 2 years old, and way beyond her years as far as intelligence is concerned. Call me delusional, but I am sure her existence has something to do with that weekend back in February 1996. Other parents with similarly aged kids know our daughter is too clever for her age, they observe, come up, and tell me! This child is also telepathic, and she does odd things I used to do as a child, which the older daughter doesn't. The blue beings were right. "We are precisely the same, but not in an ordinary sense -- it is something we have.

Paul Xavier Green

London, 1996

* * *

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