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Alien Abduction
Experience and Research
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Alien Contact: Are Alien Beings Communicating with Us?

Alien Contact: True Experiences of Alien Contact Around the World

Are Alien Beings Communicating with Us?

Are alien beings communicating with us and are we too busy to notice?

Reality, we all have one, we all believe it's the absolute truth. What if it's not? But what if something has been changing our reality without our knowledge? What if it's going on every day, but we don't see it? I know my reality has changed, has yours, is yours?

For months myself and the people around me had been experiencing odd things. Blankets moved on our beds, the beds sometimes shook, there was a strong feeling of being watched, of someone having been in our home. I began having headaches, fevers, odd feelings as though something were brushing against me, appliances turned on and off, crashing sounds would come from other parts of the house and most disturbing the fairy type lights in our bedroom at night.

Finally it came to the point where I had to come out of denial and begin to face that something real was happening to our family. I bought a black light. That day I discovered I was marked. I had luminescent marking on me. Hips, legs, nose, the markings were different and appeared regularly. My bedroom floor, my bed and my clothes were marked and I was frightened.

It all began to intensify in early June. Scoop scars appeared, one almost an inch deep and an inch and a half around on my stomach. Many days I could not function at all do to the headaches and the horrible pains that wracked through my body. I was spending up to 8 hours a day online reading, studying trying to understand what was happening to me. I contacted experts, all were well versed in the standard abduction scenario, none had heard of what I was going through.... constant contact with "something."

The horrible "medical" interventions between my body and the Beings responsible continued. I could (and still can) feel what was happening to me. I tried everything to make it stop. I bought books on the topic trying all the methods listed, sending love, putting up energy shields, righteous anger, asking then to stop, demanding they leave and many other things, nothing helped, nothing stopped them.

I began to search for others who were experiencing this and found no one. I could feel the teeth being pulled but they were still there, my face would be so swollen I could not lay my head on the pillow. I could feel needles going into me and up into my nasal cavities making me violently ill for days at a time. I couldn't even keep down water. I questioned my own sanity. Could one be compartmentally mentally ill? I asked the people I trusted in my life "Am I behaving as though I am mentally ill?" Over and over I was told no.

The severe medical interaction went on for two and a half months. At times I did not know if I would survive. Then it began to slow. I still had no idea who was doing this or why or what they wanted. There was no communication except from me to them. Then one night I saw Her. I had just awakened I could feel the movements around my body so I barely opened my eyes and there She was. I could see her in a shroud of black of white, like looking at a black and white television slightly out of focus, I could see no face but the outline was clear. She was about 5'9" in a cloak, leaning over my stomach. Her hands and arms were moving so fast they were like hummingbird wings. I have no proof it was a She but the Being "felt" female.

My studies showed me this had to be a Being from the 4th dimension or above. I had been seeing the tiny flashes where They had been intersecting our dimension. But it still made no sense how this happening and literally healing as it was being done. Why were her hands and arms moving so fast? How did heal so quickly? After all I could feel the things being done to me, but at the same time there was "nothing" being done to me.

I continued to absorb everything I could find on the topic. Then I came across an article on torsion field technology soon to be used in our daily life at Exopolitics. Torsion field technology is a way in which time can be slowed down or accelerated in a certain field by mechanical means.


Photo of Dana Lilith, Alien Abduction Writer/Experiencer

Photo of Dana Lilith,
Alien Abduction Writer/Experiencer

The bells went off in my head. Were the Beings creating a field around me while they worked to speed my healing? Could this explain what had been happening to me? Were the alien woman's hands moving so fast because time was actually accelerated around a part of me and her? Maybe so.

Then the UFOs began appearing at our lake cottage. Friends, family and I watched them. Large and triangular with silver beams clearly visible and lights of red, white and blue they would stay in the sky for hours and moving up and camouflaging themselves as a star when other aircraft appeared.

The medical work on me slowed or perhaps the painful parts were over. I could still feel the interactions but the relationship began to change. I began a one way communication with my Visitors. It became obvious they could hear my thoughts when one afternoon I was preparing for an important event and my legs and feet were so sore I could barely walk. I sat down and thought to myself how I wished my legs would stop hurting so I could finish my work. A flurry of activity immediately began around my legs.

Fifteen minutes later it was as if I had had days of rest. I began to mentally explain things to them when it seemed appropriate. Then one night they were inserting what I assume was an implant into my sinuses (it hurt horribly), without even thinking I reached out a hand. I felt my first emotions from Them, surprise and caution. Then slowly a large warm hand engulfed mine, solid like air in a balloon it held me until the work was done and I released it. Now all I have to do is reach out and it's there.

So what is happening? Who are these Beings who show ruthlessness and compassion? What do they want? If we combine the theories of interdimensional abilities and the mastery of torsion wave technology the mystery is solved. Could it be so simple? Maybe, maybe not. How many of us are being worked on on a daily basis and don't recognize the signs? Wondering this I began asking friends and associates if they had experienced any of the following. I expected the results to be negative but 2/3 of the people I questioned had experienced 2 or more of these signs:

1. Bed or blankets moving or shaking

2. Lights in your bedroom like little pixie lights or shadows that are too dark and move

3. Things missing, a feeling of someone in your home or being watched, doors opening by themselves or pets found where they should not be able to go

4. Crashing sounds with no cause, or hearing people talking like a radio you can't quite hear

5. Appliances or toys making noises when they are off or turning on and off or they simply quit working

6. Hearing high pitched noises or ringing in your ears or a rumbling feelings like a plane going over

7. Unexplained leg pain, feeling sharp jabbing pains, severe headaches with a point of origin, parts of your body feeling numb, genital soreness for no reason

8. High volumes of urine or very chemical smelling urine, throwing up bile

9. Feeling as though you are being touched or a weight like a light blanket laying over you, the feeling of bugs crawling on you or a feeling of electricity like a light shock.

10. Your body moving in areas it should not like a muscle spasm.

11. Luminescent markings that show with a black light, they will be fluorescent and blue, green or an odd lime color (aspercreme, sunscreen and deodorant will show up, also ignore these)

If these are happening to you it's quite possible there are Intelligent Beings in your life that you are not even aware of.

What now? I don't know.... but kindness seems to be met with the same. Good luck in your journey.

Dana Lilith
October 27, 2009

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