Welcome to AAER’s alien abduction discussion forum. Many of you participated in our past discussion boards, and this is our newest group. Please feel free to post your personal experiences of alien contact.

This includes sightings of aliens, UFOs, ghosts, or anything paranormal as it all fits into this alternate dimension of reality. You can also upload photos, drawings, audio and video.

You will need to be registered to post a message or reply to someone else’s message.  The registration link is on the right sidebar at the bottom of the list. You will be a contributor which means you can write messages and reply to messages but your responses won’t show up for about 24 hours.

All of us learn from each other’s experiences and it is nice to receive validation that we are not crazy! This is one of the nicest benefits of participating in a discussion group.. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Some information about myself

I grew up in Oslo Norway in the 1950es-1960es-1970es and have lived there the most of my life. For the time being, I live some place in the Caribian Islands

I have some experiences from my childhood that might look like alien abduction. I am fairly sure that is not what lies behind. I rather think that I was given anesthesia secretly by health authorities and subjected to ordeals much of the same kind you hear about in alien abduction stories.

In either case I am interested in this subject and ordals that resamble, and I have for some time actively collected such stories through polls.

I registered her to tell about my own experiences when appropriate and respond to posts with the background of what I know about UFOlogy and abudution of various kind.

Regards Aquila123

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Has this happened to you ?

When my son was about 4 we were both abducted. one being took us by the hands and we walked through the walls to the ship. They had me on a metal table and had an orange cloth over my eyes but i could see out of the bottom. I saw 2 small beings near my son and i could feel they wanted to hurt him. there was a bigger being….a little bigger then a human and he told them not to hurt him. i heard this in my head. My son was told to play with metal toys of different shapes. One thing i remember VERY well is the smell of their flesh. It was a acidic type smell. The skin was very oily.

Weeks after this happened i asked my son about this. He would not say anything to me for awhile but then he said they told him not to talk about it. They took him another time into the ship and went way up in the air(how my son explained this to me) They showed him our house.

I have had several nights over the past 15 or so years when i was unable to move,This i believe were attempts to take me.

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Their here all right

It’s all true and I feel bad for those of us who know it. It took me a while to figure out what was going on . I was abducted as a child and then there after every so often. In 1986 I was adbucted in Gulf Breeze Florida after that they destroyed my life. I am now trying to get a normal life back. I have been through hell, out of body experiences, seeing aparitions , voices and such. They set it all up it is not real there are no ghost it’s just them playing with your mind. They will use anything to get your attention while you are down here and not on a ship. They are doing it with implants. I have a bb type device in my nose. It showed up on an MRI when I had ringing in my ears which I didn’t know at the time was a noise the implant makes when they are down loading something into your brain. Sorry to say that we are not going to get any help they are way to smart.

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Need information and/or input

Since I was 16, I have experienced intense visions and violent end days premonitions.I have been shown things ranging from Earth being invaded by multiple races of Aliens to weird first person images of me (or whoever I am seeing through the eyes of) engaged in battle on either a foreign planet or in either the Christian heaven or hell. This happened literally out of nowhere and when I came too, I had every word wrote down. I have experienced this all the way into my 20’s and 30’s. But what has been happening as of late, I cannot explain without sounding insane.

I have had a very interesting past 2 months. On the night July 20th of this year, my wife and I experienced a weird situation. We lived in a 2 story 2 bedroom town house. It is only myself, my wife and our daughter. Starting after we all called it a night and went to bed, around 1030pm, my wife and I went up to our daughters room to check on her, she was sound asleep and we walked down the hall to our room, popped in a season of South Park in our blu ray player and passed out. She could not sleep, so she went downstairs to our living room and proceeded to watch Netflix and fell asleep. Sometime after midnight, there was a mass power outage. According to her, she opened her eyes after hearing a loud bang and saw only darkness. She laid there for a moment and once her eyes adjusted, there was a small figure about 3 1/2 feet tall in front of her. She was in fear of what it was and froze. After a moment, she managed to open her laptop to light the room up and it was gone. After a few moments, she states that our daughter woke up and left her room. According to her, there was a very bright white light emitting from my bedroom door that quickly went away. I would wake up around 145am to and realize what went on.

On August 7th around 1035pm, my wife and I would go to bed. She leaves the room about 20 minutes later because she couldn’t sleep. About 1215-1230am I wake up to the feeling of being thrown off something. In our room, there is nothing beside my side of the bed, I fell, what felt like 8 or 9 feet to the floor, screaming a blood curdling scream as though I fell a further distance. When I came to, my wife noticed 3 long scratches on my back and 2 longer scratches on my left side to go along with a large bruise on the lower part of my left side that appeared to look like a small fist or foot. She took several pictures to show me. As I type this, the bruise still emits heat as though it happened just today.

August 8th, at 1am my wife says she rolled over and saw a tall grey figure hovering over my body and vanished when it saw her look its way.

August 16th at 900am, I am woken up to a violently loud high pitch electric laser sounding whistle ringing in my left ear. When my eyes open to see what it was, I was frozen on my side and surrounded by a blinding white light. It was so extremely painful, when I tried to scream I could not utter a sound at all.

Since this stuff started happening, I have periodically had moments where I would be stopped dead in my tracks and thrown into a dizzy spell due to the high pitched whistling in either of my ears. I have been experiencing intense feelings of deja vu and paranoia that just happens at random. And the visions have been getting crazier and more vivid. Any feedback, similar experiences or opinions are welcome. I just need sense made of this.

Thank you

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Now me?

I have dated men that at some point tell me about their abduction fears. thy do not have much in common, oddly enough, they bring up abduction…it’s never me.

Now. I am married to one, and the past 4 years of dating have hadIdd

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My first post.am I in the right place to discuss alien abductions?

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Hi.  Just came upon this site.  Have had many beautiful psychic experiences in the past, and now third eye apears blocked.  Have had many many sinus colds, allergies, etc.  Am Extremely sensitive.  Took the abduction survey and found likely not to have been abducted, so that’s good.  When I as a little girl, 5 yrs. old, used to have horrific dreams of monsters chasing me all night long. Had an Angel visit

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Glad to have found this site

I’m so grateful to have found this site, where I can share experiences that other people would scoff at or write off as the hallucinations of a sleep-deprived dope head. The problem with that theory is that I see what I am seeing whether I’m sleep-deprived or not. I see the same players over and over, doing different things. I see these things reflecting in the mirror.

I am 56 years old. I do not have any distinct memories of abduction like experiences until I started using crystal meth. I do not recommend anyone use crystal meth. It is a dangerous drug that can kill you. That being said, I will also say that I believe crystal meth, being a form of “speed,” also enhances your senses- up to a point.

As I said, crystal meth is dangerous, and I am trying to quit using it. But while using it, I experienced some incredible things that I now believe were visitations from some kind of unknown life form.

I am being treated for my drug addiction, but before I share my experiences (which are amazingly similar to some of the experiences I have read about here), I am wondering how open-minded THIS group is going to be about experiences that happened while the contactee was high.

I have had hallucinations from an accidental overdose of prescribed Thorazine nearly twenty years ago. I have had hallucinations when I WAS sleep-deprived. I know the difference between what I am really experiencing, and what is merely in my mind.

I don’t know exactly what is going on, but I became aware of it sometime around August, 2012. All I know is what I see, what I hear, what I smell. Unlike many people on this site, my experiences were definitely NOT dreams. I was wide awake and completely conscious and aware.

If the group will not write off my experiences because I am a drug user, I will share them. Otherwise I’m not going to put myself out there for criticism and ridicule.

If anyone wishes to communicate with me privately, my email address is micheal.sapp@me.com. FYI I am a 56 year old male living in Macon, Georgia, USA.

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Apollo Astronauts and the Moon

This is not directly related to abductions but is something to remember when trying to cut thru disinformation. I noticed one of the FAQ answers related a story by Hynek. What Hynek said could not be true. There is an enormous amount of disinformation on the subject of the Apollo Moon program.

The Apollo astronauts never went to the moon in the Apollo spacecraft. The landing on the moon was faked and made in a studio. There is indisputable proof of that. Just look at You Tube video “Apollo 15 flag, facing air resistance; proving the fraud of alleged manned moon landings.”  There is a lot of government disinformation agents on internet trying to cover this up. Dr. Van Allen also lied about it. He contradicted everything he said in his studies that were based on instrument readings.

The New World Order/US did have a secret space program with anti-gravity craft. They easily had access to the entire solar system. This would also make the likelihood of bases and installation on the moon and mars a virtual certainty. There is always a possibility the astronauts actually traveled as passengers in the very advanced spacecraft to the moon sometime afterward.


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Am I getting abducted, or am I getting crazy?

Hello, I’m new to the forums here. I’ve read a few cases so far, and it’s making me a bit nervous. I’m not sure where to start. I see alot of abductees have very vivid dreams and a long history of experiences. These dreams I’ve been having are coming in bits and pieces. Some things i remember more clearly than others. If i’m all over the place it’s because I don’t know how or where to put the information at certain points. I apologise for that.

It started about two weeks ago. I had this dream where I can only remember a Smokey filled doorway, a being not human looking directly at me. I couldn’t tell if it was tall or not. I had the feeling I was sitting down while I was staring at him. It was as if he was showing himself to me. There were other too, although I can’t remember them. 99% of the time I would have been extremely frightened by this, but I felt as if that feeling was being repressed somehow. There was no experiments, no talking, just that one very large-headed, blue-tinted being staring at me with black black eyes.

The Dream ended with me hovering/flying (first-person) over a canal draped with trees. I woke up right after this. I woke up really startled. I’m a vet and most of my dreams usually coincide with previous engagements on deployments ( thats if I remember my dreams at all). That’s why this one was a bit frightening for me. My girlfriend who was sleeping next to me woke up with this big bruise on the back of her knee, also a bit of an indention in the center back part. She didn’t have any dreams like this. She also had a very sore eye-socket (or behind the eye), almost to the point where washing her face bothered her. I figured if i would have kicked her or she hit something while sleeping, there is no way she couldn’t have woken up from this.

At night, usually after midnight, i’ve been feeling like something is watching me. It might be paranoia, but the prescence is so strong I can’t help but get up and look around. I hate it. I feel like that dummy in the horror movies peeking behind the door to find Freddy standing there. Nevertheless something does a really good job at making me think somethings there. We have a dog, and I figured the dog would be alerted to this as well. He’s not. I’m not a great sleeper. I’ve had sleeping problems since i’ve been out of the service. Late at night I watch my dog, which usually sleeps through the whole night, get up and walk around. Just looking, not barking, standing in the same place everynight and then coming back to lay down.

I’ve been waking up these past few days with a horrible pain in my ankle. My last dream happened two days ago. I was on a street I lived close to when I grew up. I was with a squad I deployed with. My platoon Sergeant told me and one of my buddies to take our shirts off, the army needed skin samples from random people. He used a needle and poked at my back. I could feel the prick like I was awake. I remember it now.

I really hope i’m just imagining this. Maybe a bit too paranoid. It’s really affected me the past few days. I figured forums with others who’ve had these experiences might be of some help. As I don’t feel comftorable with a face-to-face conversation with anyone on this matter. I would appreciate some feedback on this matter, and thanks for taking your time to read this.I’m not sure how to post a picture on here, but if anyone can tell me i’ll post a picture on the thread of my girlfriends knee.



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