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Most of my interests are left of center. I was born in Darwin, Australia in 1966 and came to the USA in 2002. I can't be bothered listing qualifications, I burned most pieces of paper called certificates and degrees as they were meaningless to me. They're also mostly useless, I kept only ONE because it was both interesting and it was useful. I prefer horses and computers to most that pass as human as they are HONEST. I do counsel online from time to time, and research a great many topics. My main leanings are scientific and esoteric. I have NO TIME for religion of any flavour, I do not need to hide behind anything, nor do I wish to. I am not owned by anything or anyone and I never will be. Last of all..... -Bring me the head of the Lizard King-

why so silent now?

I’ve gone from place to place tonight seeking genuine places to seek help, and everything has gone silent pretty much everywhere. I tried my local MUFON group a while back but they didn’t help, a couple of encounters with the … Continue reading

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