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born and raised in KY. currently residing in KY. only been out of state 2 times but out of atmosphere 347 times. as a small boy i was in touch with allot of "spirits" as my mom called them. i was 6'3 at my tallest height until my back got broke. i am now 5'11 and there is still no explanation for why my back looks like it got cut almost in half by a saw. i have chronic back pains due to this and i know the grey's did it. i also know they made me crazy. my full diagnosis is schizo affective bipolar type with paranoid outbursts, manic depression, A.D.D., multiple persona meaning i have 2 personalities at once, and torturous paranoia phenomenon. but 1 hypnosis therapist I've seen says it's simply "abductee phenomenon" i used to be a country boy but for no explained reason i turned suddenly to techno. I've found some songs are actually how the grey's communicate and it counters the brainwashing effect. "the brainwasher" by daft punk is a good counter active brainwasher if you can handle the fear and repetitiveness until the last 10 seconds. thats when everything comes back for 75% of abductees. i have made it my mission to spread the message and find someone out there who is like me. someone who remembers. someone who wants to know the truth. "we have a message. a message to all those who believe and a warning to those who do not. we are coming. we are coming to take, experiment failure, abortion, never to return."

full detailed information available for anyone with questions.

hello, i have been abducted since before my birth and now i have learned from the greys. i am very familiar with their procedures and they have chose me to inform all that want to believe. i am the first of many … Continue reading

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the message

I wanted to once again share the message for it has changed. they told me this 3 nights ago and told me to tell the world but untill now i have been to busy. my offer to help still stands. if you … Continue reading

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