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Support Group Meeting – Western WA State

Is there anyone in the western WA state area interested in having a meet-up with the possibility of maybe forming a support group for abductees? If so, please email me at

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What do you all think regarding implants?  What’ve been your experiences and how many implants do you think you have and why?  Have you ever noticed any type of sensation or heard any tones which you’ve attributed to your implant? … Continue reading

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Flashes of Light in Bedroom at Night

I have to share this with you all and I hope that if any of you have any similar experiences, please share them. Also, if you’ve found some ways to cope, please also share your methods. Last night I had … Continue reading

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First abduction memory

This memory came to me as a dreamlike memory, which I see from many other posts here, is the way most folks remember their abductions without hypnosis.  ……I woke up in bed with my heart pounding, scared stiff, and consciously … Continue reading

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Abductions tracked by government?

Hi, everyone! I’ve recently examined some information I’d like to share with all of you and get your thoughts on. Like many abductees or suspected abductees, I’ve always read alot about UFOs and the abduction phenomenon, searching to know more. … Continue reading

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