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I am thirty-six, I don't have any memories of being abducted, but I do have physic abilities, I do have feelings of being "special" and I do have knowledge that I don't know where it comes from, I also have a very deep seeded feeling of no fear from them. I have had a few experiences that others in my life would consider......crazy. I have seen things and are not afraid, I know that I am being watched. I feel that my actions pertaining to my reactions and how I treat people are being monitored. I do believe that we are not alone and that we are being tested.

I do have a question..I had an experience not long ago that reminded me of the movie predator, how the creature was able to make himself invisible, the shimmering see through thing. I have seen that briefly and it lead me to believe that I was being watched. It was a very stressful time in my life and I do expend a tremendous amount of energy naturally, I believe I was able to physically see this manifest in front of me. It gave me the revelation that I am special and that I am being taught, or given information by the aliens because of the fact that I believe that we should not take revenge on others because that is not our right. That no matter what the life form….all life forms have the right to live. Is it what I think is was or am I just looney?

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I just wanted to add that I know for a fact that I don’t belong here, I have always had this feeling inside of me. I do believe that I am an old soul sort a speak. I have a feeling or a hypothesis as to where these feelings and revelations come from, but I have no definitive proof……yet.

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I honestly don’t think we should be afraid of life beyond our own unless we are on the side of wrong doing. I do believe that we are being tested as to where we will end up in the future. I have heard some say that they believe that God is an alien, which is not hard to believe since He is not of our world. I do also believe that there are good and bad “aliens” just as there are good and bad people. I believe that I have basic knowledge of what is to come in the future. God has created many beings, we were created in His image. Why is it so unimaginable to some people that we are not alone? Anything is possible, and just because most people may not be able to wrap their brains around the possibility does not mean that it is not so. They are more advanced obviously and I think that they want to communicate with us, but I think that they know that we are primitive, paranoid and the first thing that we do as humans when we fear something and don’t understand it is to destroy it. That is why I believe that we have not gone farther than we have. I am certain that our lives here are but a stepping stone to what is to come. Personally I am excited to think that there is more than what we have here. As far as the government covering up any proof of life beyond our own does not surprise me at all. Honestly have we ever known our government to tell the truth on anything? lol I do believe that when we as human beings stop being scared of what we don’t understand and therefore stop trying to destroy what we fear, that we will go further in our search and communication of others not of here.

We are not alone and I am not afraid

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