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I'm the youngest of 5 boys brought up in a holiness Christian home where we prayed and work together as a family unit to be together and strong in this world. My dads a retired Electronics Worker, ABB Power and Electric and the USAAir Force Serviceman 1994 and my moms retired from an electronics company, ITT/Alcatel Network Systems in 1998 and American Airlines Reservations Center in May 2012. Im now 32 and a business owner as well as a full time state of North Carolina Employee and just had the strangest experience of my life this evening that further confirms my belief that we (humans) are not alone in this world. The holy bible tells us that God created the Heaven(s) and the Earths(s). Ever since I was a child I took that as meaning theirs more than one heaven and earth, multiple actually. It also states that we are not the only creators God created in our universe. I'm a strong believer in my faith in Christ and always knew we were not alone and that was confirmed for me tonight. It did not scare me, only made me more curious about extraterrestrials.


Tonight I had the strangest experience in my life. I saw images that were stick like and gangly, laying in suspended air under a red tweed material cloth. I saw dim circular lights all above my head and a shelf … Continue reading

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