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Hello , my name is Robin and I am a recovering person of alot of things really....On a journey quest to find ME. Hope you can join me in my journey. All experiances will be revealed in time. Thank You and happy New Year! end of 2009!

Hello Everyone You can also reach me on aol Robbygirl2010

Alien Type 3 human Type AliensSimilar to humans,5-6 ft.tall of EARTH fair skinned blonde hair( OMG sounds like me?) Therse entities have been abducted bu greys or ARE THE OFFSPRING of abductees and have been trained by the greys as … Continue reading

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Out line , summery if you will…

Gey type B Tall Greys From Orian 7 to 8 ft. tall.These grys have technologies that allow them to perform certain actons that appear “miraculous” Less Viscious towards human but still considered hostile.They tend to influence more through political controls … Continue reading

Posted in Alien Abduction | 4 Comments¬†ok what is your take on this one? Enjoy! Robin I did the math as far as time goes and it’s 2012 when “The Sh** Hits The Fan!

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My Experiance

It was in the afternoon when I was around 4 maybe 5…I was taking a nap with my mom. I awoke to this long necked elderly looking wrinklely greyish green beedie eyed head staring…not just any stare but a cold … Continue reading

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