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I believe myself to have had "contact" with aliens - my family as well - which is why I am in this group ... in hopes of sharing experiences and finding answers and more certainty on all of this. Also, as a child, my home and family members were plagued by paranormal experiences and I continue to experience this to this day - at home and at work. I am curious as to learning more about differentiating between the paranormal and those activities that are extraterrestrial.

CARET alien writing?

I am interested in anyone’s thoughts on the supposed CARET alien symbols as reported by an “Isaac”.  There are references to this on the Internet and many think this is a hoax.  The reason I post this is that a … Continue reading

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Consciously Contacting Aliens

Hi Everyone – I thought I would create a new post about discussions on seeking contact with aliens.  I was asked by another poster, Geoff, in the “Flashbacks”  discussions whether I had ever tried to contact aliens. Geoff wrote, ” … Continue reading

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Street Lights Going Out When You Walk By

Just curious how many abductees on this group also experience street lamps or other lights going off when they walk by?  Happens to me all of the time.  Is it tied in with abductions or is this tied in with … Continue reading

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Any Experiences with Men in Black?

I would like to hear about anyone’s experience(s) with Men in Black – incidents?  What did they look like?  Where did it occur? What did they say?  Was the experience tied in with any abduction or UFO incident? I have … Continue reading

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