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My husband’s encounter.

“…when I first heard the story, I was somewhat skeptical. I asked many questions. I thought it might have been a realistic dream – after all, who hasn’t had a dream that has them still panicking in the moments after they have already woken up? But Jim said he has had many realistic dreams in his lifetime, and this was nothing like any of them. It is something he remembers, not like a dream, but like a memory, something that happened.” Continue reading

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Who are we?

I was 15 when i witnessed my first ALIEN encounter. I remember my uncle coming back from from Ohio to visit us before he left for Guatemala. He pointed something out to me the day he left. He told me … Continue reading

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Welcome to AAER’s alien abduction discussion forum. Many of you participated in our past discussion boards, and this is our newest group. Please feel free to post your personal experiences of alien contact. This includes sightings of aliens, UFOs, ghosts, … Continue reading

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