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Accept who you are do not be afraid…

Ever since I was little I felt like I didnt belong…it was like being two different people at once…a part of myself wanted to give into fear and anger it wanted to deny the possibility of anything other that wasnt  in my … Continue reading

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Mysterious hidden scar tissue discovered

Something strange just happened to me this week, and apparently I’ve had a “surgery” of some sort that I do not remember. I’ve just had my first-ever mammogram last Monday and the doctor contacted me that I have an “anomaly” … Continue reading

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To raise my understanding Continue reading

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Was it a dream? That’s what I want to know.

It’s been a long time since I’ve thought about this, but watching something on TV reminded me and I went looking on the ‘net to see if anyone else had had similar experiences.  Seems they have. At the age of … Continue reading

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New to forum: My story of physical body marks, and more

Hi, I’m new here and wanted to share my story by way of introduction. I have actually had inexplicable marks appear on my body but can find no way on this forum to post the photos so my story will … Continue reading

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