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Alien Abductions

People, especially ones who have been abducted need to realize that the whole ufo/alien abduction phenomena is demonic in origin, it is a satanic deception.  Even if there is life on other planets or star systems, they are not visiting … Continue reading

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i do need to talk to someone abult this

I am 42yrsold and i need to talk to someone abult my experiences but my spelling is not good this been going on since i was 5 or 10yesold i do not know what to do or ho i can talk to

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I don’t know what would happen if they revealed themselves to us all, but just like everything in life, we’d have to adjust to this reality. If they’re real, which I’m sure they are, I’d rather that they just reveal … Continue reading

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New here

hello, I’ve never been abducted (at least not that I know of :)) but have always been very, very interested in the UFO and abduction phenomenon. I don’t think what Christopher believes about these beings being demons at all. I … Continue reading

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New Here

Hello everyone. I  am new  here. I have been fascinated by the ufo and alien abduction phenomenon for the past 2 years.  I have a theory about the whole thing which I will share.

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Was it….?

So, I’ve always considered myself to be a logical person. I always laughed at the theory of aliens and other life-forms. Until last night. I’m…not quite sure what happened, but whatever it was scared the hell out of me. I … Continue reading

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