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Not sure what I experienced

I am writing this mostly to see if anyone has had an exact same or almost same incident happen to them.  I believe there is life scattered throughout the Universe, and likely visitations (especially ancient advanced cultures), but not really … Continue reading

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I am an abductee and a Paranormal Viewer

I was abducted in l996 and experienced over 12 abductions that I got glimpses of.  I have talked to a Grey telepathically while standing in line for an Implant that was put up my nostril.  The second Implant was done by … Continue reading

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hybrid theories

i was just wondering what exactly has anyone heard about the hybrids?  most of these discussions are geared toward the abductee.  i was just wondering about the other side of the situation.  what kind of information is out there?

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Just wondering

I know what I saw and I know I lost about 2 hours of time. That was when I was 17.(86 87) I have not had anything happen since then. It  does’nt really bother me, but like I said I … Continue reading

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