Tonight I had the strangest experience in my life. I saw images that were stick like and gangly, laying in suspended air under a red tweed material cloth. I saw dim circular lights all above my head and a shelf over my head with a big circular light like used in dentist offices. I heard languages of different origins before I heard English. Suddenly I was layer on my left side, my left arm and leg stretched out to full length. All of a sudden my finger tips were numb and the numbness traveled down my left fingers, hand and so on to the bottom of my left foot. I began to feel my feet legs and armes being moved and felt on as if being examined. I began to fight and resist and was grabbed from the back by one of the beings. He wrapped his arms and legs around me like a rubber band and began to squeeze tighter and tighter draining all my strength speech and energy out of my body. At that same time my dad and niece were trying to awaken me. Once I finally gained my speech back I told my dad very weakly, “I can’t move, I have no strength to sit up or anything”. I was confused because I wasn’t sure where I was or what was real. He grabbed me by my right arm and hand and completely pulled me up and helped me come to full conciousness. He gave me a caffiened soda to fully come around and I had to sit on the side of my bed to take in where I was and wait for my strength and energy to return. I’m not afraid of my experience only more inquisitive about the Extraterestrial and Supernatural beings. Is their anyone who can help me out in this field?

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I'm the youngest of 5 boys brought up in a holiness Christian home where we prayed and work together as a family unit to be together and strong in this world. My dads a retired Electronics Worker, ABB Power and Electric and the USAAir Force Serviceman 1994 and my moms retired from an electronics company, ITT/Alcatel Network Systems in 1998 and American Airlines Reservations Center in May 2012. Im now 32 and a business owner as well as a full time state of North Carolina Employee and just had the strangest experience of my life this evening that further confirms my belief that we (humans) are not alone in this world. The holy bible tells us that God created the Heaven(s) and the Earths(s). Ever since I was a child I took that as meaning theirs more than one heaven and earth, multiple actually. It also states that we are not the only creators God created in our universe. I'm a strong believer in my faith in Christ and always knew we were not alone and that was confirmed for me tonight. It did not scare me, only made me more curious about extraterrestrials.
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  1. Marilyn says:

    The people who expect their experiences to parallel their world view are often surprised when having paranormal experiences or contact with aliens or inter-dimensional beings. Trying to force these experiences or “them” into our way of thinking is contradictory. Where is it written “they” have to live up to our expectations?

    Perhaps we don’t live up to their expectations. We are just humans who sometimes encounter aliens or other entities without understanding their point of view. They may regard us just as oddly as we do them.

    Our own world is full of gray areas when it comes to our reluctance with accepting other world cultures, other people’s religions, or other people’s opinions. Too often we want to say they are different, which makes them wrong, when in fact, being different may be their uniqueness.

  2. Johnny Beegood says:

    It has been my experience that we are constantly trying to define our world view and place those views into black/white, us/them, good/evil, light/dark, etc.. Although it seems to be the nature of our minds to do so, we most certainly know that there are always gray areas.

    The bible does not mention aliens, although I have often wondered about that when I read about the Nephilim’s in Genesis. With this being said though, the bible also does not say that aliens don’t exist.

    For me, I have no problem believing that god created other planets and other beings and I am not exactly sure why others could not come up with the same conclusion. In fact, it almost seems arrogant to believe that we were his only creation.

    Back in the day when Copernicus came out and said that the world was round, Christianity was shaken. But as you can see, Christianity survived and I am absolutely convinced that it will survive the next paradigm shift also. I hope this helps.

  3. DragonflySpirit says:

    I think you most likely had been taken, and waking up after you were returned with fragmented memories. I have experienced similar things since I was a child so I know how it feels. I agree with you about the bible, if you believe it is truth then you have to believe aliens exist as they are spoken of in it. The experiences are sometimes frightening because they are the unknown and we cannot always remember everything as we wish, however, these beings I have known can be capable of great goodness. They are not so different from us in that respect, its all in how you look at it. 🙂

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