Sharing my story

Hello my unknown friends,

Before i begin to tell you my story i would like to apoligize for the grammatical mistakes ill certainly will make. For I am a foreigner and english is not my native language.

I find it difficult to begin since there is a lot to tell.
I guess the best way to start is just simply to tell you that i was certainly abducted several times, by beings-deities that looked very human alike.
My first abduction that i remember was when i was about 6 years old. I come from a country that ist quite unknown. Im from Lithuania. Lithuania has a very popular city and every summer people at that days tendet to visit it. Its just like a big tradition in Lithuania to visit Palanga, swimm in the icy baltic sea and remember all the big stories and legends that surounds it. So as you probably guess this was the area in which i was abducted for the first time. Let me explain something. You probably will ask yourself, how the hell could aliens abduct a person at the sea shore?
I mean its kind of difficult for a alien to not get noticed when you are basically surounded by half naked people sunbathing. Well its becouse of the seashores nature. A lot of the places are basically surounded by bushes, so its kind of really common for us to bathe naked becouse no one does see you and neither do you see others. So the area was just like that. I remeber there were a few other people but really only a few.
So I remeber playing in the sea. My mother and her friend were sunbathing and they were laying on their bellys. (the back was sunbathing :))
I played with some kid and i accidently fell into the water. I remeber that my eyes started to ache becouse of the salty water and I rapidly stood up and was intending to go to my mom to ask for help. My eyes ached the hell and i was about to cry. When suddenly i fell again but differently. It was just like I stopped to feel my body and only my mind remained. So I was kind of sinking in the water my face and body were under the water when i realized something strange. My eyes were completely open and they should have be in pain but they werent and i was questioning myself why i was able to breathe under water. Only when i got older i kind of realized that i was probably having a out of the body experience since i didnt feel a need to breathe. So I was lying on the bottom on the see when i saw someone standing over me. I couldnt tell whether it was male or female since when you dive everything looks blury and you cant recognize the correct appearence. I only remeber that it had white or very light skin and blond hair. Then i lost conciousnes and woke up between my mother and her friend laying at the same position cowerred with a towel. I asked my mom if she did rescue me and what happened. But she only said that i was sleeping the whole time and that i probably had only a dream. This was my firts abduction. It was maybe actually the only one but several occurences made me to rethink this idea. Since I was a child i had dreams about places in which beings were testing my paranormal abilities. Sounds ridiculous but i often dream places in which i am asked to move things telepatically or guess things with the help of my powers.
The second occurence happened by my grandmothers house. So my mom was somewhere else and she probably asked my granny to take care of me. I dont remeber the details but i remeber my grandmother went to the kitchen where she was washing some dishes. We probably were eating the evening meal and watched TV. While she washed the dishes the TV turned blury and went then comletely normal. A man appeared on the screen and it seemed to be a lottery show when he asked me to show with my finger in which direction was lying a kitten. So to speak he simply asked me to show either left or right. I got confused since my logical six years old mind told me that normaly when you watch TV, you can see the people but they cant see you. But the man kept encouraging me so i choose a direction(do not remeber which one :). I remember that i chose the wrong direction and the man was shaking his head. He seemed to be disappointed. He told me that i was wrong and suddenly a women in a white dress appeared. She was walking towards the stage one hand was holding a hand of a chimpanzee which was walking with her. The man told me then that i chose the direction with the monkey and that at the opposite the direction there was a kitten. Surprised an fascinated at the same time i ran into the kitchen and was pulling my granny to the livingroom. I wanted to show her what happened. But when we entered the room a completely different programm was going. i was little i couldnt explain it in detail and my gran was probably thinking that my fantasy took control ower me. But it just seemed so real. Disappointed of the ridicule my granny made of it i never spoke of this again. Until today so to speak. Many years have passed then. My family moved to Germany,life changed i got older. But i never lost the feeling that something i my life, something important will happen. I bassically grew up with this feeling that i was being watched. Since my childhood i had severe nosebleeding, was very nervous and had strange habbits. Medical help was given. They couldnt explain my nose bleeding, neither did the psychologist sad that i have a weak state of mind. I was completely healthy except for the fact that i had epilepsy. A disease that is healed by now. When i turned 16 i had dream of a beutifull older looking woman. She was tall, had blond very light shimmery golden hair and it looked like the style Merilyn Monroe used to wear. I can reasure you i am no extraordinary fan of her. I knew her from TV but thats it. The woman weared a white dress, her lips were pink and she was smiling to me. It appeared as if she was standing on stage cowered in that typical stage light. I remember that something in my mind, a feeling or just a simple fact, told me that she was not from earth. She told me that i should become disciplined and work on my studies. Two years after when i turned 18 i get a second dream. a man and a women appear. Both again nordic looking. The woman speaks to me, babbles something about a mission that i have to do for the sake of the humankind and that i should train my spirituall abilities, since they will come in handy in my future. Then a few months later when i got 19 my second abduction or maybe just a visit occured. I turned my clock to wake me up in the morning on six o”clock for school. I remember hearing my cloak ringing and i turned my bed light on. It was dark outside an i was laying half awake half sleeping in my bed. I thought i got asleep again and when i gained my conciousnes i got scared becouse i believed to overslept and get too late to school. But when i looked what time it is i suddenly realized that it was 2 am. I got surprised, since i was certain, that i heard something ring. I would go on with all the stories but it would have no end. My life is filled with such things. I can reasure i have never thought or believed, that im a chosen real life female Harry Potter or other stuff. I started to ask myself for the reason why this was happening to me. I mean sure i am quite intelligent, but then again im not the smartest. Neither am i gifted with extraordinary talents. Ok im quite good in drawing and am really creative, but there are dozens of people that are better than me. No one could say Im stupid or ignorant towards the occurences that happen on this planet. Im well informed and in my short life i can say i do have gained knowledge but i know many people that are better. I have a sharp intuition. i tend to forsee future occurences and know sometimes what people think or feel. But then again my mom as well as my grandmom have this ability too. Is our families women heritage. I grew up in a very emanzipated environment. But then again they have tested me and were disappointed.
So what the does this mean?!!!
Certainly i came to the conclusion, that they probably see something in me that appears to them as vital-important whatsoever. Maybe a trait of my personality. Or maybe i thought of it sometimes. Maybe i will get in my life in a situation, which will get for them in handy. Some position in my life in which i may have influence. But then again those thoughts are only theories of a being with a limited capacity of intelligence.

I would be happy to hear of some comments.
What do you think about my story ?
Did someone experienced something similar?
What does all this mean?

Your anonymous friend.

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