Where are all the abductees?

I have been all over the internet and it seems a great silence is happening in the abduction/ufo groups O.o where has everyone gone? Very odd indeed. And sad.

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  1. spicymike says:

    when i first tried to reach out my computer skills are less than desirable this caused frustration.what i had to say[after trial and error,even old souls like me,got my story published]some will read it and laugh,some will think bullshit,some will believe and there are those out there observing,cyber tracking certain events from individuals[not all are et s]in answer to your question i can only guess that it s frustration,fear in various forms,”editing” from those who monitor,discouragement via telling your experience not as a discussion group with on the spot input but one expresses oneself and waits,misdirection via you tube or you porn,maybe people are just tired of “old news”.i did not reveal certain “information with location of things that the “untouched”could not or would not accept because it s a human nature along with sociologically taught “perceptual rationalism”.if a tree falls in the forest and noone hears it did it really fall?or did we step out of societies box and were able to comprehend and understand what we re taught not to?

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