Where are all the abductees?

I have been all over the internet and it seems a great silence is happening in the abduction/ufo groups O.o where has everyone gone? Very odd indeed. And sad.

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  1. EelKat says:

    I vanished off the internet in 2013, because somebody beat me up and left me for dead.

    In 2013, I simply vanished from the internet, not to return until March 2016.

    November 14, 2013 someone beat me up, leaving me paralyzed. I started training to learn how to walk again February 2014, but fell, damaging the same injury and would not be able to try to relearn to walk until May 2014.

    I spent May 2014 to October 2014 relearning to walk.

    From October 2014 to March 2015, I began relearning to use my hands and relearning to type.

    By March 2016, I have regained the use of 3 fingers of one hand and now type with those 3 finger. When you know that my highest clocked typing speed was 175 words per minute and in 2010 I averaged 91 words per minute, you then relive how frustrating it is now, that I have lost the use of my hands, which for me is far more frustrating then the loss of the use of my legs.

    It is now May 2016 and I am out of the wheelchair and walking with a cane, and do most of my typing now with the help of a DigiMemo because I still have limited use of my hands.

    And yet, I now find out that the online world, HAD NO IDEA I was offline, hospitalized, crippled, paralyzed, and dying, for 3 years, because, for those same 3 years, my online accounts went psycho frenzy crazy, posting a lot of very out of character posts.

    Unknown to me at the time, was that a NaNoWriMo ML had hired a hitman to kill me and then hacked my accounts pretending to be me, in an attempt to destroy my 20 years of building a reputation as the #1 go to guru for writing advice. Her most notable posts were the 3,000+ wild, crazed, rants that she let lose on Kboards from 2013 through 2015 – posting from MY PROFILE – pretending she was me!!!!!!

    Why this woman did this? I’m not sure. I still don’t yet know the identity of this psychotically deranged, very dangerous woman who typed to have me killed, then spent 3 years impersonating me online.

    What we do know, is that she is the same woman who in 2010, sent my several thousand emails in the month of October, all saying that, she could not write, it was my fault, and lots of threats that, if I dared to publish another book before she did, she would blow my brains out.

    Near as I can tell, the woman behind the nightmarish hack of my online accounts, is an unpublished novelist (in serious need of mental help) and turned to insane levels of cyber stalking, rather then just writing her book and trying to get it published.

    So, that’s where I went in 2013, but now I’m back.

  2. Lyraiel says:

    I suspect most are hiding. Old news? No, it’s unwanted news. Many look for help or support and never get it, so they turn away as I did years ago after an encounter with a nearby MUFON group with whom I’m “persona non grata” despite having proof of alterations made to me during my … experiences. The changes are measurable, I do funky things to electronic gadgets held by or operated by anyone that irritates me.

    Psycho-socialogical programming involves little in the way of rationalism, if rational thought existed in the majority of those that comprehend how to dress and perform simple tasks to get by in life, then the world would be in a far different state than it is in today.

    A tree falls in a forest whether it is heard or not, the wind exists whether or not we can see it with our eyes, the unseen can be measured or imaged.

    Ones like me stay for the most part out of sight, there is no real help for us, if anything, those like unto me, cages, tests and other unpleasantaries remove us from our homes just most do not have the training I have received in my life through following unconventional pathways in a desperate attempt to defend myself against what I couldn’t deal with alone and I was ridiculed, sent to shrinks and drugged up to shut me up. I got tired of being a guinea pig before I left Australia and it will not happen again. What I experienced changed me, what I learned allowed me to use what resulted from what was done to me.

    I don’t youtube my stuff, I see no point in it, there’s enough freaky stuff out there with little real basis in fact, and unless someone is in a room with me, I cannot show what was done to me. So why waffle along with those who come up with some very odd conclusions from small amounts of evidence and heresay. I do my own research and have shared it with very few.

    Many abductees I once knew, and many in my blood family were abductees all died under inexplicable and horrific circumstances, those I met elsewhere, they’ve either mysteriously disappeared completely or turned up dead a long way from home. The only one I know that is left that experienced much of what I did is on the run in fear of his life.

    Others like me, we gave up. Nobody listens, nobody cares, and that’s because in truth, they live in a world of illusion, not reality at all. I can count on one hand all of those I know that could see reality as it truly is and keep their minds intact. Most never learn how to defend themselves against what they are afflicted by in life experience, the methods I learned are not generally accepted either, they’re ridiculed just as much, if not more or can leave you open to persecution if you’re found out, or you get drugged into zombie like silence.

    Silence is the enemy, and now, silence is what rules. I keep my activities underneath the radar, I’m known of, but tracking me down isn’t easy. As Yoda would say, “learned a lot of tricks I have.. hrmmmnn?” Human agents don’t have a chance, nor do non-humans, it’s been tried. Believe THAT or not, it doesn’t matter.

    My word is – you can defend yourselves people, you can fight back and it’s so very easy to learn, it’s basic, simple and no mumbo jumbo.

    Someone has to speak for those who have no voice.
    Someone has to stand up for those who cannot.
    WAKE UP!

  3. spicymike says:

    when i first tried to reach out my computer skills are less than desirable this caused frustration.what i had to say[after trial and error,even old souls like me,got my story published]some will read it and laugh,some will think bullshit,some will believe and there are those out there observing,cyber tracking certain events from individuals[not all are et s]in answer to your question i can only guess that it s frustration,fear in various forms,”editing” from those who monitor,discouragement via telling your experience not as a discussion group with on the spot input but one expresses oneself and waits,misdirection via you tube or you porn,maybe people are just tired of “old news”.i did not reveal certain “information with location of things that the “untouched”could not or would not accept because it s a human nature along with sociologically taught “perceptual rationalism”.if a tree falls in the forest and noone hears it did it really fall?or did we step out of societies box and were able to comprehend and understand what we re taught not to?

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