unrequested beginings for mystical avenues

when i was 6yrs old i was playing in my backyard,i lived in a housing addition in ft wayne ind,it was late summer or early fall,it was dark out when a low flying saucer was slowly drifting just above the tree tops,it had a dark band around it that was red led lights,advertising for a local grocery store’scott s foods’this was back in 72!i thought that i was daydreaming so i picked up a stick a threw it.when i heard that distintive metallic sound i turned to run,several yards,it took me 3and ahalf hours.later in life i lived in southern cali.we used to run around the countryside to get away from all the shit that was constantly poppin on the streets.a mysterious mist filled the canyon then i saw the craft.it was elongated,shooting different colored beams into the ground.it had what appeared to be a clear ‘windshield’i could see their tiny,dark heads.i kept looking at my watch,no more than 90seconds,then 45 minutes.at vincente dam isaw what looked like a waxing yellow moon rising over the mountains until it started to move in our direction.i jumped out with a mag light and did my thing.i got it s attention.it physically shook the light in my hand,after that i could understand what they were saying to each other.it s weird but the vessel felt to me as being organic!i could of went with them,i sometimes regret it but i left what i was doing and take care of my 92yr old mother.i ve been interacting with them for over 20yrs.i can ‘make ‘them move even when they don t want to.i ve even seen native american earth spirits.things that only a handful of the tribe as long as they have been.i honestly believe that what happened when i was 6 altered my path.i don t want to know what happened i m pretty sure it wasn t nice. thank you for your valuable time.sincerely michael r bushing

About spicymike

i ve wandered down many paths,seeking knowledge,understanding the ability to comprehend and accurately communicate.to grasp a thought,idea or meaning and bring it completely,unaltered into our 'physical realm' i try to be the best person that i can with compassion,intellect,understanding and being 'righteous' [not in a christian type way,but a universal,honest way.the way it was ment to be.i m old school.i m a communicater.
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