Apollo Astronauts and the Moon

This is not directly related to abductions but is something to remember when trying to cut thru disinformation. I noticed one of the FAQ answers related a story by Hynek. What Hynek said could not be true. There is an enormous amount of disinformation on the subject of the Apollo Moon program.

The Apollo astronauts never went to the moon in the Apollo spacecraft. The landing on the moon was faked and made in a studio. There is indisputable proof of that. Just look at You Tube video “Apollo 15 flag, facing air resistance; proving the fraud of alleged manned moon landings.”  There is a lot of government disinformation agents on internet trying to cover this up. Dr. Van Allen also lied about it. He contradicted everything he said in his studies that were based on instrument readings.

The New World Order/US did have a secret space program with anti-gravity craft. They easily had access to the entire solar system. This would also make the likelihood of bases and installation on the moon and mars a virtual certainty. There is always a possibility the astronauts actually traveled as passengers in the very advanced spacecraft to the moon sometime afterward.


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