Am I getting abducted, or am I getting crazy?

Hello, I’m new to the forums here. I’ve read a few cases so far, and it’s making me a bit nervous. I’m not sure where to start. I see alot of abductees have very vivid dreams and a long history of experiences. These dreams I’ve been having are coming in bits and pieces. Some things i remember more clearly than others. If i’m all over the place it’s because I don’t know how or where to put the information at certain points. I apologise for that.

It started about two weeks ago. I had this dream where I can only remember a Smokey filled doorway, a being not human looking directly at me. I couldn’t tell if it was tall or not. I had the feeling I was sitting down while I was staring at him. It was as if he was showing himself to me. There were other too, although I can’t remember them. 99% of the time I would have been extremely frightened by this, but I felt as if that feeling was being repressed somehow. There was no experiments, no talking, just that one very large-headed, blue-tinted being staring at me with black black eyes.

The Dream ended with me hovering/flying (first-person) over a canal draped with trees. I woke up right after this. I woke up really startled. I’m a vet and most of my dreams usually coincide with previous engagements on deployments ( thats if I remember my dreams at all). That’s why this one was a bit frightening for me. My girlfriend who was sleeping next to me woke up with this big bruise on the back of her knee, also a bit of an indention in the center back part. She didn’t have any dreams like this. She also had a very sore eye-socket (or behind the eye), almost to the point where washing her face bothered her. I figured if i would have kicked her or she hit something while sleeping, there is no way she couldn’t have woken up from this.

At night, usually after midnight, i’ve been feeling like something is watching me. It might be paranoia, but the prescence is so strong I can’t help but get up and look around. I hate it. I feel like that dummy in the horror movies peeking behind the door to find Freddy standing there. Nevertheless something does a really good job at making me think somethings there. We have a dog, and I figured the dog would be alerted to this as well. He’s not. I’m not a great sleeper. I’ve had sleeping problems since i’ve been out of the service. Late at night I watch my dog, which usually sleeps through the whole night, get up and walk around. Just looking, not barking, standing in the same place everynight and then coming back to lay down.

I’ve been waking up these past few days with a horrible pain in my ankle. My last dream happened two days ago. I was on a street I lived close to when I grew up. I was with a squad I deployed with. My platoon Sergeant told me and one of my buddies to take our shirts off, the army needed skin samples from random people. He used a needle and poked at my back. I could feel the prick like I was awake. I remember it now.

I really hope i’m just imagining this. Maybe a bit too paranoid. It’s really affected me the past few days. I figured forums with others who’ve had these experiences might be of some help. As I don’t feel comftorable with a face-to-face conversation with anyone on this matter. I would appreciate some feedback on this matter, and thanks for taking your time to read this.I’m not sure how to post a picture on here, but if anyone can tell me i’ll post a picture on the thread of my girlfriends knee.



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