Sleep paralysis alien experience

A really strange thing happened to me a couple of nights ago. Before I went to sleep I saw a light as if a car was driving past but there are no roads outside the window where I was. Anyway, next I woke up and felt a presence in the room and felt somone/thing sit on the sofa I was sleeping on. I couldn’t move or open my eyes. Next it started touching me really gently pn the legs and arms and esp my feet infact it tickled my feet. I reached my hand out and I felt a tiny hand with 4 fingers kind of made of a grainy sand-like substance. I then managed to open my eyes and saw something that looked kind of like a human but with a large face then faded away. My eyes closed and I next felt like I was getting injections in my finger and I felt like I was in a hospital. I also felt several big injections into my feet. I managed to open my eyes and saw a machine with green numbers on it then they closed again. When I finally woke up I heard a strange noise like a cricket.

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