Desperately in need of explanation or response please

Recently after moving in with my boyfriend on his small farm, I’ve began to feel somehow ‘connected’ to extraterrestrial life. The concept might be hard to grasp for others but I’m sure that what I’m experiencing has nothing to do with life on Earth. The first time I felt it, I was just relaxing in the room while my boyfriend played video games and such. I AM NOT EXXAGERATING IN ANY WAY: All of a sudden I heard a ‘zzyoop’, like some kind of technology losing power of something. One by one, everything I was hearing going on around me went silent. It wasn’t sudden silent, it was like the volume on EVERYTHING turned off, including the natural noises I was hearing (breathing, tapping, etc) I can not explain to you what I heard next. It was not human, it was not words or any language but I knew for a fact something beyond my world was trying to communicate with/or through me. I couldn’t say anything, my brain felt so full and overwhelmed that I went to bed immediately once I could hear normal life again. After that night, I hear things tapping into my brain at random times. Different frequencies and feelings that shouldn’t be there and never were before. The most unnsettling part of it all is that I literally feel more intelligent. Not that I know things, but thinking about the unknown world around us is no longer confusing. It’s easier to understand the things that most people wouldn’t consider. I feel more… ‘close’ with my atmosphere and the galaxy that we dwell in. I find myself looking up to the moon and the stars and somehow it all makes sense to me, like I’ve been there. I looked but I never SAW, I never understood until know. I’m not sure what exactly it is that I’m understanding but I feel it in my soul. All these conspiracies and possibilies flourish in my brain, things that there is no way to put in words. It’s hard enough explaining this right now. It seems bizzare, it doesn’t even scare me. Whatever happened to me that night is taking a big toll out of me though. I feel more alone where I am, I have dreams that are so vivid and unnatural that I wake up in a cold sweat scared out of my mind to fall asleep again. But I never remember a single thing about what I saw, when I try I come up with nothing. Just blank, like I never even dreamed at all. Other nights I just toss and turn, I’ve never been so restless in my life. I find more human habits repulsive, just some things we do it seems unnecessary or even disgusting to me. I’ve changed so much my boyfriend doesn’t recognize me anymore, I lost contact with my family. It’s just me and my thoughts. I just want more answers, I want to know what’s going on up there…

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