Had Reacurring dreams

Never spoke of this b4 , with the exception of my wife! When I was like maybe 5,6 or 7 yrs. of age, I had Dreams or thought was dreams of Creatures/Aliens when I was a sleep getting me and taking me up to there ship. I could feel the up and Down movements going to and from there craft! And it felt so real that it made me dizzy and when I woke up I felt dizzy still! And I remember seeing creatures that looked almost see through and was pink purple and blues in colors , remember I was a kid so my memories are foggy from that age ! But there organs were moving and those colors and outer body was sort of see though with a milky color! And the thoughts of them poking and touching me are still very real in my memories. I was really freaked out and scared to even go any where in that area till we moved yrs later. I told my dad and he said it was a dream! maybe so but this dream happened for like a week. And the dizzy feeling of them taking me to and from there craft seemed so real! And I was awakened after every dream. And Ive often thought I was being watched since then! Maybe it was a dream and not real but it dint feel that way at the time of it happening!

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Always felt a lil strange and I listen to my inner mind , and believe in E.T. All these planets and we are the only life on them ! And I believe in Ghosts.
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