Unexplained Feelings

Hi all Chris here. I have often seen many things that others around me have not. I have often woke up staring into the corners of my room feeling like someone is there. I have had alot of unexplained feelings like being upset or crying feeling for no reason I often have had marks appear out of nowhere. I have wrote a few stories about ufos and also one about the sun. If you wanna chat just comment away i will be more than happy to answer any comments when i am on. I am also trying when my storie is finished to see if i can turn into a movie somehow.

About chris barton 424

Hi all I'm Chris have always being fascinated by ufo and other beings and belive 100% there with us. I have seen many ufos in my time. I also have wrote alot of stories about ufos and would love to make one story into a movie.
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