Unexplained Marks


I mainly wanted to post on here to show my unexplained marks I have on my shoulders, when I was around 15 (now 27) I woke up with what look like burn marks which are now shaped same size and on the same place on my shoulders. There is nothing that could possibly explain these appearing. I don’t know if there’s a way I can add a photo? So I can show the marks. The house we lived at at the time was very rural and we used to see a lot of stranger lights and planes chasing lights etc. We moved house around 8 years ago and I dream of aliens etc the greys but always at our old house never here and I have also had dreams were I being lifted and taken out my window I see myself from above being taken towards my window where there’s a very bright light, that’s all I see. My dad used to see himself being taken from his bed from as young as he can remember. My mum also had an experience in our old house where she saw a being stood in her bedroom window looking out

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