Can anyone help me?!

Hello all,

i am fairly new to this “asking for help when it comes to aliens” however very scared and anxious. it all started when i was very young. my grandmother used to tell me how out going i was. how imaginative and creative i used to be when i was younger. she said however that when i was about 8 or 9 years old, i had completely changed, didnt want to go to school, always depressed and anxious, felt like i had a higher purpose just never told anyone.there where many odd paranormal times in my life for instance when i was 14, i shared a room with my brothers and i saw a strange figure in our room trying to make my brothers sick and then it came for me, another time when i thought i had been molested by my father but ive never told anyone that i woke up that night paralyzed and dont remember a thing besides waking up with stuff all over my blankets and body (sorry if this is graphic) i can remember everything that happened in my life from age 3 until present with the exceptions of the ages 8 & 9. here i am at 28 years of age. i have hypothyroidism, back problems, gen anxiety disorder, been seen by many people for help, i cant sleep at night unless my boyfriend is with me so i work at night, i always feel like im being watched,hearing noises, seeing figures in my dreams, always feeling anxious, always tired, always feeling like im doing something wrong or feeling like im crazy because most people already do. im anxious just by typing this… anyways there is more to tell but if anybody can help me PLEASE!!!!!! i cant deal with this anymore!!! i just want to know why and what they want from me. i have two indigo group pages on face book helping others find truth however when it comes to myself, i draw a blank. anyways, thanks for reading

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